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Are all PSU power cables the same?

Are all PSU power cables the same?

Various manufacturers may wire their PSU cables differently from one another. This can make it risky to use PSU cables that come from manufacturers other than the one that built your power supply unit. At best, the cable itself simply won’t work to power your PSU.

What is the difference between Type 4 and Type 3 PSU cables?

Disclaimer: The only difference between Type 3 and Type 4 cables is the pinout of the 24-pin ATX cable; all other cables (SATA, PCIe, etc) are the same.

What are SFF cables?

SFF-8482 Connectors. This connector is the standard SAS hard drive connector which is compatible with SAS and SATA drives. It provides both data and power to drives through one connector, instead of the standard seven pin data plus SATA power connector found in most consumer applications.

Do PSU cable extensions affect performance?

While a typical extension cord has a practical effect of providing longer reach, a PSU cable extension is mostly about improving or otherwise changing the look of your computer. As you will see when we get into things below, the cables are designed not to have any adverse effect on performance.

Can I use any cable for my PSU?

In general, no. You can only use cables from different PSUs if the cable and the PSU belong to the same model of the same brand, or else it will fry your computer’s components like motherboard, HDD/SSD, etc.

Can you mix PSU cables?

This is a public service announcement (PSA) – Never mix modular or semi-modular PSU cables between power supplies. Mixing Modular PSU Cables Can Kill Hard Drives or connected SSDs. Power components of a PC only with the modular cables bundled with a power supply. The side that plugs into the devices is standardized.

Is ModFlex or ModMesh better?

ModFlex is our softer, more flexible sleeving option. ModMesh is our stiffer, more vibrant sleeving option, which is also UV reactive, as well as a more durable sleeving type. Our SFF cables are a flexible but sturdy unsleeved cable meant for small form factor builds that require shorter cables that take us less space.

What is SAS cable?

Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) cables provide serial communication for transfer of data for directly attached devices, such as hard disk drives, solid-state drives, and CD-ROM drives.

Are all PSU extensions compatible?

Extensions are fully compatible , you just can’t use other power supply cables from other brands and lineups.

Are GPU extension cables safe?

If still concerned then install the extension in some test environment so you are not risking your build and GPU’s. Run for at least 24 hours with some load – that should be enough to verify that the extensions are okay for use. Unfortunately, there is still no guarantee against failure.