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Are Canary Islands included in UK quarantine?

Are Canary Islands included in UK quarantine?

The Canary Islands have been added to the UK government’s safe travel list, which means that you can visit any of the islands without having to quarantine when you get back.

Is it warm in the Canary Islands in April?

Are the Canary Islands hot in April? April might not be a warm month in continental Europe, but it is in the Canary Islands. Just like during the rest of the year, the weather in the Canary Islands in April is usually sunny and warm, ideal for outdoor activities like sunbathing, walking or hiking.

Which is the cheapest Canary Island for holidays?

Tenerife. You’ll find plenty to occupy yourself on Tenerife without breaking the bank.

Where is hot at Easter?

The hottest places to go on holiday in April Cancun (36.7 °C) Orlando (28.3 °C) Cairo (28.1 °C) Marrakesh (25.4 °C)

Where is hot at Easter 2022?

Cancun’s an obvious one, and for city and culture, you can’t go wrong with Oaxaca or Mexico City. But for beaches, relaxation, and a chance to explore a few historic Maya sites, Tulum is a brilliant bet at this time of year, as the dry, sunny season draws to a close.

Will canaries be on the green list?

Yesterday the Transport Secretary for the UK Government, Grant Shapps, announced a simplified system for international travel in light of the success of the UK’s domestic vaccine rollout, providing greater stability for industry and passengers.

Are the Canary Islands on the amber list?

It has been confirmed tonight that Spain, including the Canary Islands, is staying on the UK’s amber list for travel as seven countries are added to the green list, including Germany, Austria and Norway, four go red, including Mexico, and France is no longer on amber-plus, with all changes taking effect from 4:00am on …

Is Tenerife hot in April?

Tenerife weather in April Temperatures will average 23°C, with the warmest weather usually found on the south side of the Island. There is much less cloud around compared to March, with around 8 hours of sunshine a day. Sea temperatures will also be pleasant for swimming, with average temperatures of 20°C.

Is Lanzarote hot in April?

Temperature in Lanzarote in April The hottest of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote’s temperatures rise to an average maximum of 23.7 ºC in April. However wind speeds do pick up this month and reach around 14.5 mph making the days feel cooler.