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Are Hennessy Hammocks worth it?

Are Hennessy Hammocks worth it?

I’ve owned this hammock for four years, and let me tell you: Hennessy Hammocks puts out some quality gear. I’ve taken good care of this hammock, and after all this time there is still not any noticeable wear and tear on it. I roll around a lot while I sleep.

Do I need a bug net for my hammock?

If you opt for a regular camping, single, double, parachute, most any kind of hammock without an attached bug net, you can get a separate bug net to go around the whole hammock. These usually have to be purchased separately and they’re hung over and around the entire hammock.

How much weight can a Hennessy hammock hold?

Hennessy Hammock has a complete line of specialty hammocks, including jungle hammocks, double bottom hammocks, winter hammocks, ultralites, and the right size and weight for anyone up to 350 lbs.

Are Hennessy Hammocks comfortable?

This innovative expedition hammock comes fully equipped with an integrated bug net, suspension, and a rain fly. If you’re looking for a tent replacement style hammock, the Hennessy Expedition Asym offers comfortable asymmetric positioning and brings all the necessary features to the table.

Where are Hennessy Hammocks made?

Hennessy Hammock headquarters is wherever in the world Tom happens to be – mostly Galiano Island in Canada, Stewart Island in New Zealand and Kauai, Hawaii. Our staff works from Galiano and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Athol, New Zealand.

How do you lay Hennessy hammock?

YES! You can sleep on your right or left side, just remember to stay on the diagonal with your feet on the right side and your head and shoulders on the left side.

How do I keep bugs out of my hammock?

How to Bug Proof Your Hammock

  1. Get a Jungle Hammock. A jungle hammock is a style of hammock that features a built in mosquito net.
  2. Use a Mosquito Net Designed for Hammocks.
  3. Treat your Hammock and Gear with Permethrin.
  4. Use Natural Mosquito Repellents and Camp Away from Water.
  5. Don’t Let the Mosquitoes Stop You!

How do you sleep in a Hennessy hammock?

Can mosquitoes bite through nylon hammock?

No. Mosquitoes don’t bite trough the bottom of the hammock. It is the best hammock I ever bought very comfortable.

What is a Hennessy hammock?

The Hennessy Hammock is the most innovative solution to lightweight, comfortable camping on the planet. We started the modern camping hammock revolution over 20 years ago by introducing the first fully enclosed hammock that allowed you to sleep flatter on a diagonal.

What is a bug net for a hammock?

Hummingbird Hammocks is all about applying FAA parachute rigging standards to hammock products, and the Warbler Bug Net is no exception. The bug net is constructed with durable 0. 6-ounce no-see-um netting, reinforced ends, and lock stitched with military spec nylon thread.

Does the Therm-a-rest slacker hammock Bug Shelter work with other hammocks?

The Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Bug Shelter works with most third-party hammocks, but it’s a match made in heaven when paired with the Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock. The bug net clips directly into the Slacker Hammock’s suspension points, so setting up is a breeze.