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Are Nordic Tugs any good?

Are Nordic Tugs any good?

All in all, the Nordic Tugs 44 is built for comfortable and extended cruising. It’s a sturdy, seaworthy cruiser that’s responsive for its size. And there are enough separate spaces throughout the boat for a month of easy living for a family or a couple with occasional guests.

How fast does a Nordic Tug go?

Standard power came from a 220-hp diesel, which gave the NT32 a cruising speed up to 12 knots; top speed was 15 to 16 knots, the builder says.

How much does a new Nordic Tug 34 cost?

Interested in your own 2018 Nordic Tug 34? More information can be found at the Nordic Tugs, Inc. website, Listed base price is $335,065.

What is the range of a Nordic Tug?

Approximately 1900 NM
Nordic Tug 44

Overall Length Length Overall – 45′ 6″ / 13.62m (with bow roller & boarding platform)
Range Approximately 1900 NM @ 8 Knots (varies with load and cruising conditions)
Fresh Water 200 gallon/622 Liters
Black Water 45 Gallons/170 Liters
Gray Water 20 Gallons/76 Liters

Can you trailer a Nordic Tug?

The 26 is a versatile little boat and due to its size, it’s actually trailerable. Nordic Tugs had an agreement with a trailer manufacturer to provide custom trailers to move the boat by land or to store it out of the water for winter.

How much does a new Nordic Tug 26 cost?

The introductory price for the “new” 26 is $187,500.

Is the Nordic Tug 26 Trailerable?

How much is a Nordic Tug 26?

Where are Ranger Tugs manufactured?

Ranger Tugs are built in the United States near Seattle Washington, the gateway to the Alaska Inside Passage. Our location allows us to offer our customers the unique experience of cruising the San Juan Islands and areas nearby. It is simple and easy to do. Just order your boat through one of our authorized dealers.