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Are shock troops Special Forces?

Are shock troops Special Forces?

Any specialized, elite unit formed to fight an engagement via overwhelming assault (usually) would be considered shock troops, as opposed to “special forces” or commando-style units (intended mostly for covert operations). Both types of units could fight behind enemy lines, by surprise if required, however.

What is shock combat?

Shock tactics, shock tactic or shock attack is the name of an offensive maneuver which attempts to place the enemy under psychological pressure by a rapid and fully-committed advance with the aim of causing their combatants to retreat.

What were the German shock troops?

Stormtroopers (German: Sturmtruppen or Stoßtruppen) were specialist soldiers of the German Army. In the last years of World War I, Stoßtruppen (“shock troopers” or “shove troopers”) were trained to use infiltration tactics – part of the Germans’ improved method of attack on enemy trenches.

Are cavalry shock troops?

Cavalry were shock troops: they were meant for uprooting infantry formations. The most common tactic was to use archers to force infantry soldiers to form a turtle, then charging against them when they couldn’t move or change formation.

Are Marines considered shock troops?

Though the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry existed long before the first World War, their aggressive tactics and fighting spirit gained their modern reputation during the war as “shock troops,” as the Germans classified them.

What is a rebel shock trooper?

Shock troopers existed in both the Imperial forces and in the Rebel Alliance. They were one of several specialized types of infantry, originating as clones during the Clone Wars era; examples of this type of shock trooper can be seen in the animated series The Clone Wars.

Are US Marines shock troops?

What was the most feared army of World war 1?

German Stormtroopers Easily the most famous of World War I era shock troops, and for a good reason. The German ‘Sturmbattalions’ were famous for their aggressive fighting style and decentralized command.

Are paratroopers shock troopers?

I realize that a parachutist is not merely a Soldier who arrives by parachute to fight, but is an elite shock trooper and that his country expects him to march farther and faster, to fight harder, and to be more self-reliant than any other Soldier. Parachutists of all allied armies belong to this great brotherhood.

Was Cara Dune a shock trooper?

Carasynthia “Cara” Dune was a human female Alderaanian who served as a shock trooper in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. A seasoned warrior, she was an intimidating brawler and a crack shot.