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Can I use a long shaft on a short transom?

Can I use a long shaft on a short transom?

Re: Longshaft motor on a short transom skiff? It will will *run* fine, but it can cause bad handling. Also trim position settings will have a greater effect. No harm to try it, carefully, and see how it goes.

What happens if outboard shaft is too long?

If you went too long it would still work but it may lack in performance. You will also risk hitting bottom or submerge objects more frequently such as rocks or logs. If you go too short your more than likely going to cavitate and loose power.

Can you convert a short shaft to a long shaft?

Your short shaft motor can also be sold as a long shaft with a Bay Kit. A long shaft motor can be sold as an extra long with a Bay Kit. Motors can be easily converted back to fit any customers need. Bay Kits come complete with all parts needed to make the conversion.

Can I use a long shaft outboard?

Long Shaft. Outboard motors can be fitted to a variety of boats, so manufacturers have standardized their engines to go on virtually anything. You can order an outboard in lengths ranging from 15 inches to 30 inches, depending on its power output and possible uses.

Can you put a 25 inch motor on a 20 inch transom?

You will get a definite performance drop using a 25″ shaft on a 20″ transom. Engine will be way too low. Options could be too lift the transom by building it up. If that is possible that will also help the low engine issue.

How do you increase transom height?

One non-invasive way of raising the transom on an aluminum boat is to create a “lift” — a bracket that fits over the transom — to increase the motor’s height. The completed bracket forms a channel, and the top of the channel holds the top of the outboard bracket a few inches above the transom of the boat.

Can you turn a long shaft outboard into a short shaft?

If you change to a short drive shaft, you’ll need to change the other shaft that runs through the exhaust tunnel, as it will be too long as well — you’ll need to install a new, shorter shift rod.

Can I use a long shaft outboard on a dinghy?

Your Long shaft is not suitable for a tender – irrespective of HP – because the prop will be far too deep in the water. Not only will this result in an increase in draft of 6 inches or so, but you will experience starting and running problems because the exhaust is too deeply immersed.

Can you run a 25 inch shaft outboard on a 20?

You will get a definite performance drop using a 25″ shaft on a 20″ transom. Engine will be way too low.

Can I use a long shaft outboard on an inflatable boat?

A shaft length that is too long runs the risk of hitting submerged objects such as rocks or logs and potentially hitting the bottom. In addition, the motor will experience less top-end performance and more drag. However, a long shaft length works perfectly fine.

Can you make a long shaft outboard a short shaft?

How far below the bottom of the boat should the prop be?

If you have a short shaft motor, the top most part of the transom and the lower most part of the boat should be about 15 to 16 inches.