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Can I use famous quotes on t shirts?

Can I use famous quotes on t shirts?

Some quotes may also be trademarked — so make sure you do a thorough search before using it for commercial use. There are some cases where using famous quotes is fine. If a quote is very general and not attributed to one person then this would be fine.

Can you put a quote on a shirt and sell it?

Quotes are considered intellectual property, which is protected under the law. This means that if you’re not a quote’s original author and you want to SELL something with the quote on it, one of two things must be true: 1. You have the author’s written permission to use their words on your work.

What can I write on my T-shirt?

Here Are 65 Funniest T-Shirt Slogans

  1. I Am With Stupid.
  2. My Eyes Are Up Here.
  3. I Beat Anorexia.
  4. Kiss Me I’m………..
  5. May The 4th Be With You.
  6. I Do What The Voices In My Head Tell Me.
  7. Free Hugs.
  8. This Is Why I’m Hot.

How do you start a slogan?

7 Steps to Make a Slogan for Your Business

  1. Start with your logo. Your slogan works hand-in-hand with your logo.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Use small words.
  4. Brainstorm a word list related to your business.
  5. Make it roll off the tongue.
  6. Use power words or phrases.
  7. Test your slogans.

Are shirt slogans copyrighted?

While this usage is rare and unlikely, if it does exist, your slogan is a trademark, or a symbol that’s being used to show the brand of T-shirt you’re wearing. If you’re the first to use any word, group of words or other symbol as a brand name, it becomes a trademark and you acquire common-law rights in the mark.

Should I copyright my Tshirt design?

Being a t-shirt designer, you must get copyright so that no other person or organization can illegally use your designs for any commercial activity. It is tempting to use an attractive image, shirt quotes, or graphics as part of your design. But any illegal use can land you in legal trouble later.

What are some catchy slogans for a T-shirt company?

Here is the list of catchy slogans for your t-shirt company: A fine selection for divine women. A good outfit. A range of stylish t-shirts available. A serious style for the seriously stylish. A style for every story. A style for every story. A true style indulgence. All types of fabrics available here. Always wear what you want to wear

What makes a good party slogan?

Another critical aspect of a competent and robust party slogan is its ability to convey the message of a subtle depiction to people. A tagline should be like that; it compels the people to think about the glamorous scenario of club or fun event.

What are some cool slogans for event planner?

Below are some cool and attractive event planner slogans for your inspiration: Just believe in parties. Your attributes are the remarks of your parties. Parties are the lively assassination of ill thoughts. Just party, dance, and talk to the moon. Just party and chop the burning desires of your heart. Party logs out uncertainty.

What are some party phrases and on liners?

Here are the most attractive and catchy party phrases and on liners: Party a little and say goodbye to bad vibes. Parties determine the value of our lives. Fun is recognized, and survival is more. Free yourself from hankerings by a little fun. Life without parties is just a burden.