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Can you get a hard cover for above ground pool?

Can you get a hard cover for above ground pool?

Hurricane Above These covers can be customized to fit on above ground pools with no decks, partial decks or full decks. They come with the proper amount of water bags and a center drain that allows any rain water to simple go down the drain. No more cover pumps or siphon hoses ever again to worry about.

What if my pool cover is too big?

If your cover is too loose, then that will allow for debris to accumulate as well as inhibit algae growth. Many times the cover is simply too large for the pool. In this case, fold the cover under itself, to leave 3-4 ft of overlap all around the pool. For areas of limited space, use extra water bags.

What size tarp do I need for a 15ft pool?

Step 1: Determine Tarp Size Measure the diameter of the above-ground swimming pool to calculate how large a tarp you’ll need to cover the pool. Allow an extra 2 feet on all sides (4 feet more than the pool diameter) to ensure that the cover is large enough to drape over the pool sides.

Can you leave an Intex pool up year round?

In warmer climates, Intex advises to keep your pool up, if you prefer. However, you must winterize the pool when keeping it full throughout the winter. If your area maintains tropical climates all year long, you may not need to winterize your pool at all, especially if you use your pool on a regular basis.

What type of cover is best for an above ground pool?

Intex is one of the leading makers of backyard swimming pools and swimming pool equipment. The Intext Easy Set Round Pool Cover is designed specifically for their line of above-ground swimming pools.

Can you use a mesh cover on an above ground pool?

Mesh Winter Covers for Above Ground Pools Because the integrity of the mesh holds together, only rainwater and very fine silt can pass through. The result is a cleaner pool next spring, and no heavy water to lift off.

Should a pool cover be tight?

How Tight Should a Safety Cover Be? Safety covers should be drum-tight, with only a slight deflection in the middle. When covers are too loose, leaves can blow under easily, and a high water level in springtime quickly traps leaves and turns your cover into a giant tea bag.