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Can you still buy SEPTA tokens?

Can you still buy SEPTA tokens?

You can buy the SEPTA Key Card at SEPTA Transit Sales Offices, Center City Regional Rail Sales Offices, the 1234 Market Street Lobby Fare Kiosks, Fare Kiosks at all Broad Street and Market Frankford Line Stations, Fare Kiosks at select Bus Loops, and a growing list of External (non-SEPTA) Retailers.

How much is a pack of SEPTA tokens?

A 2-pack costs $3.10. A 5-pack costs $7.75. A 10-pack costs $15.50. As a general rule, this is not a big problem, since odds are if you are taking SEPTA somewhere, you will need a pair of tokens- one for the way there, and one for the way back.

When did SEPTA stop using tokens?

Subway and bus token sales will be phased out at select Regional Rail stations beginning March 23, according to SEPTA. “This represents the next major move toward implementation of the SEPTA Key,” SEPTA said earlier in March.

How do I get a septa key card at the kiosk?

There are two ways you can purchase your key card. Option 1: Purchase at a Kiosk and load the minimum $1 plus the $4.95 cost of the card. Option 2: Purchase at a sales window and load the minimum $5 plus the $4.95 cost of the card. Find all kiosk and sales window locations here.

Are SEPTA tokens worth anything?

Tokens, which get riders a trip on subways, buses, and trolleys in the city, are worth $2 each. SEPTA has been using them since 1968, and they’ve been part of the city through the transit operators that preceded SEPTA as far back as the 19th century.

Can I use my SEPTA Key card at the ATM?

The Instant Plus Card has additional capabilities of cash reload and ATM withdrawals. To request an Instant Plus SEPTA Key Prepaid Mastercard, you must contact Customer Service at 1-855-567-3782.

How much are transit tokens worth?

Many long-time transit riders still buy tokens at various vendors, such as liquor stores, city halls and Metro stores. Ten tokens are sold in a bag for $17.50, each token worth a one-way fare at the basic rate of $1.75.

How much is a train token worth?

” Tokens range in cost from 15 cents to $200. ”Just a handful of them are worth more [than $200].

How do I transfer money from my SEPTA Key?

Call the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (855-567-3782) (please note it can take up to 48 hours to process this request) Go to and do a Card to Card transfer of your Pass and/or Travel Wallet funds.

Can I use key card as debit card?

Answer. A SEPTA Key Card is a contactless card that you can use for fare payment in SEPTA Transit. It can also be used as a prepaid debit card for non-transit transactions anywhere that accepts Debit Mastercard in the US if you choose to use that optional feature.

Where can I buy SEPTA tokens via credit card?

Effective July 1,2020 the first transfer is FREE

  • The second transfer is$1.00 The time to use a transfer is 2 hours
  • Customers eligible for the Reduced Fare program must have a SEPTA Key Reduced Fare Card with money loaded on the Travel Wallet to pay for a transfer
  • Effective July 1,2020 the first transfer is FREE.
  • Where can I get rid of these septa tokens?

    – Tokens are no longer available for purchase except for CCT customers – CCT customers can continue to buy Tokens at SEPTA Transit Sales Offices by presenting their current CCT Card at the time of purchase – Tokens continue to be accepted to pay for travel on bus, and to purchase a Quick Trip from a Trolley or Subway Station Fare Kiosk

    Where can I buy security tokens?

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  • How much does SEPTA cost?

    Trolley fare is $2 per ride; your first transfer is free, $1 for your next transfer if you have a SEPTA Key card. If you’re paying cash, the cost is $2.50 and you must have exact change – the Trolley Operator cannot make change. Can you pay cash on SEPTA trolley? A: You may still use cash on board SEPTA buses and trolleys.