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Can you take the Stone Island badge off?

Can you take the Stone Island badge off?

Stone Island compass badge Inspired by military uniforms, the badge is fully removable, and the wind rose symbolizes a love for the sea and never ending materials research.

What sleeve should Stone Island badge be on?

upper left sleeve
What side is the Stone Island badge on? On tops, the Stone Island badge will be found on the upper left sleeve of the garment.

What does white Stone Island badge mean?

The badge with the white logo is now visible on jackets that use materials that Stone Island develops itself in its laboratories. As on the Ice range, which includes all the thermo-sensitive parts, but also new jacket models such as the “Liquid Reflective”, which uses thousands of small glass shards that reflect light.

Can Stone Island have 2 badges?

and a vintage Stone Island badge will have a green edge. Also look out for double badges — anything with two badges is going to be fake..

Is Stone Island worth the money?

Is Stone Island worth the price? Stone Island is pricey there is no denying it, but it’s not fast fashion that will be destined for the rubbish dumps. High-quality clothes do last a lifetime and that’s what you pay for. These are amazing quality, unique and technical pieces worthy of any wardrobe.

What is Stone Island Ghost?

Ghost pieces, derived from the concept of camouflage, are totally monochromatic. The STONE ISLAND badge has been created in a special monochromatic version to blend in with the garment: white, military green, blue or black.

How can you tell a fake Stone Island junior?

Starting from the Fall Winter 2020-2021 collection even Stone Island Junior garments can be authenticated, wherever they were purchased, either by using the 12-digit Certilogo code or by using a mobile phone to scan the QR Code. The code and QR code are on the security label inside the garments.

What are stone island badges?

The rarity of the stone island badges is well-known among streetwear. Stone badge brings you the most intricately designed badges that come with exclusive fabric technology.

How can I tell if a stone island patch is genuine?

The buttons used on the badge have Stone Island etched on them, so confirm this if the badge comes with buttons. A genuine Stone Island patch (except those made before 1984) is made with a single drop stitch on the button eyelid that runs to the border.

What is so special about the Ghost Project Badge?

The Ghost Project badge is a little more special. The back has a silk smooth cover and you cant see the underside of the badge. (I couldn’t find any pics ANYWHERE – so I got this one from an eBay seller who auctioned off for near £60.)