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Can you use Firefly without app?

Can you use Firefly without app?

The Firefly App is not necessary to operate the device itself. The temperature can also be controlled directly without the App on ALL Firefly 2+ devices, with 7 pre-set temperatures ranging from 320 to 500°F.

Is Firefly vaporizer safe?

More specifically, borosilicate glass – a highly safe and heat-resistant glass used in cookware and laboratory glass items. As of now, the Firefly is literally the safest option out there.

How do you adjust the temperature of a Firefly?

Tap the left button 3 times quickly (while still holding the right button). This puts the Firefly 2 into “temperature setting” mode. The LED blinks red 1 to 7 times, to indicate the current set temperature. Tap the left button again (while still holding the right button) to set the temperature.

How do you adjust the temperature on a vape pen?

How do I change the temperature of my G Pen Pro Vaporizer?

  1. Once the G Pen Pro Vaporizer has been powered on, you can cycle through its three temperature settings by simply holding the power button for three seconds.
  2. Low (Blue) – 375° F / 190° C.
  3. Medium (Green) – 400° F / 204° C.
  4. High (Red) – 428° F / 220° C.

How do you change the heat on a Firefly?

What temperature do fireflies need?

The Firefly 2 has 5 temperature settings for dry herb 340, 360, 380, 400, 420 Fahrenheit (171, 182, 193, 204, 215 Celcius) and one setting for concentrates 500F or 260C.

How long does it take for Firefly vape to charge?

45 minutes
Fully charge it first It charges in less than two hours plugged into a computer, but you can shorten that wait time to 45 minutes or less by using a wall charger with the USB charge cable. The Firefly’s light will flash blue when charging, and turn solid blue when it’s ready to use.

How to use a Firefly 2 vaporizer?

Most vaporizers perform best when you grind the materials super-fine. The Firefly 2 is the exact opposite. Instead, you want to use tear the weed with your hands, keep it clumpy, and then add it to the bowl.

How do I control the temperature on my Firefly?

The optional Firefly App offers advanced settings and temperature control: you can adjust the temperature in real time as you vape. You can change the temperature setting on your device without the App, but the App offers a much wider range of temperature settings.

Is the Firefly vapor app coming to iOS devices?

While Apple’s decision is concerning, it’s important to note that the Firefly App is not necessary to operate the device itself. For those who have already downloaded the Firefly Vapor app to their iOS devices, there is no immediate impact.

How do I troubleshoot a Firefly device?

One of our experienced Customer Support Representatives will contact you to troubleshoot the issue over the phone. If it is determined that you will need to send your Firefly unit in for further examination, you will be issued an RMA number and shipping instructions on how and where to send it for inspection.