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Can you use Tukey for repeated measures ANOVA?

Can you use Tukey for repeated measures ANOVA?

You can not use post hoc tukey test in repeated measure design. However, ıf you want to compare this three conditions you can use options /main effects box then check bonferoni or copy and paste following syntax the syntax editor and click execute. /WSDESIGN=factor1. that is all.

What does a Tukey HSD tell us?

The Tukey’s honestly significant difference test (Tukey’s HSD) is used to test differences among sample means for significance. The Tukey’s HSD tests all pairwise differences while controlling the probability of making one or more Type I errors.

Does Tukey’s HSD correct for multiple comparisons?

It is not necessary to correct for multiple comparisons when using Tukey’s HSD. The procedure was developed specifically to account for multiple comparison and maintains experiment-wise alpha at the specified level (conventionally .

What is Tukey test for multiple comparison?

Tukey method. This test uses pairwise post-hoc testing to determine whether there is a difference between the mean of all possible pairs using a studentized range distribution. This method tests every possible pair of all groups.

What is a commercial within subject factor in SPSS repeated measures?

Run SPSS Repeated Measures ANOVA We may freely choose a name for our within-subjects factor. We went with “commercial” because it’s the commercial that differs between the four ratings made by each respondent. We may also choose a name for our measure: whatever each of the four variables is supposed to reflect.

What is repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS?

SPSS repeated measures ANOVA tests if the means of 3 or more metric variables are all equal in some population. If this is true and we inspect a sample from our population, the sample means may differ a little bit.

What is the within-subjects factor in repeated measures ANOVA?

The simplest repeated measures ANOVA involves 3 outcome variables, all measured on 1 group of cases (often people). Whatever distinguishes these variables (sometimes just the time of measurement) is the within-subjects factor. A marketeer wants to launch a new commercial and has four concept versions.

How is sphericity tested in SPSS?

Sphericity is tested with Mauchly’s test which is always included in SPSS’ repeated measures ANOVA output so we’ll get to that later. 3. Quick Data Check