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Did Chelsea sleep with Adams brother?

Did Chelsea sleep with Adams brother?

Remember that Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew when Adam Lind accused Chelsea Houska of cheating on him with his best friend when she was pregnant with Aubree, and even sleeping with his brother, and it didn’t look like she denied it?

Why did Chelsea and Adam break up?

His seemingly fleeting interest in their daughter, Aubree’s life is a constant source of stress and worry to Chelsea as she wrestles with her feelings for him and the need to provide Aubree with a stable family life. Chelsea eventually makes the decision to break things off with Adam for good.

What happened to Chelsea Houska ex Adam?

Adam, for his part, has struggled with ups and downs over the years and has had a few run-ins with the law. The most recent was in August 2020, when he was arrested for failure to pay child support, according to The Sun.

When did Adam and Chelsea break up for good?

Adam quit the show in 2017, and Chelsea continued to share her journey until her departure in 2020. Adam moved on romantically from Chelsea, as he later welcomed his second child, Paisley Mae Lind, with now-ex-fiancée Taylor Halbur in September 2013.

Did Chelsea and Cole break up?

Not long after, Chelsea shared her own confirmation of the news on November 10, 2020. “After much thought and discussion with my family and friends, Cole and I have decided that this season will be our last,” she said. Keep scrolling to see Chelsea and Cole’s picture-perfect relationship timeline.

What is Chelsea and Adam custody agreement?

Chelsea said they’ve had the same custody arrangement in place since 2018. Previously, she’s explained Adam’s parents are given one unsupervised visit with Aubree a month, at which Lind can’t be present. Adam is only allowed to see his daughter at school events or at supervised visitation centers.

Is Chelsea DeBoer married?

Cole DeBoerChelsea DeBoer / Spouse (m. 2016)

What does Chelsea dad Randy do for a living?

Dentist & family man Randy Houska from his years on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, as Chelsea’s quick-witted “Papa Randy.” However, he was a dentist long before he showed up on television screens across America.