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Did Weezer cover Hash Pipe?

Did Weezer cover Hash Pipe?

Geeky emo/power-pop kingpins Weezer covered Toto’s 80s megahit Africa, a love story about the continent, and, in return, the west coast rock veterans have covered Weezer’s 2001 hit Hash Pipe, a song about a transvestite sex worker.

What album is Hash Pipe on by Weezer?

WeezerHash Pipe / AlbumWeezer is the third studio album and second self-titled album by American rock band Weezer. It was released on May 15, 2001, by Geffen Records. It serves as the second Weezer album produced by Ric Ocasek, who produced their debut album, and the only Weezer album to feature bassist Mikey Welsh, who replaced Matt Sharp. Wikipedia

Why did Weezer write Hash Pipe?

Cuomo stated in a 2021 interview that he submitted “Hash Pipe” as a potential song for musician Ozzy Osbourne, but that the song was not used. Said Cuomo, “I think it was in 2000, he asked if I had any songs for him, and I just happened to have written ‘Hash Pipe,’ […]

Who wrote Weezer Hash Pipe?

Rivers CuomoHash Pipe / LyricistRivers Cuomo is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter of the rock band Weezer.
Raised on an ashram in Connecticut until age 10, Cuomo moved to Los Angeles at 18, where he played in several rock bands before forming Weezer in 1992. Wikipedia

Did Toto cover Hash Pipe?

Toto have returned a favour to Weezer by performing a cover of their classic single ‘Hash Pipe’. Check it out below. A fan-driven campaign that got Weezer to cover the classic rock band’s number one hit ‘Africa’ in May, saw Toto respond by agreeing with one of Weezer’s most celebrated songs.

When did Toto cover Hash Pipe?

After Weezer scored a huge hit with their cover of Toto’s 1982 single “Africa,” the veteran rock band has released their reciprocal take on Weezer’s 2001 hit “Hash Pipe.” And while Weezer kept things pretty close to the vest with their homage, the long-running 1980s rockers really dug into “Pipe,” slathering it with …

Was Hash Pipe written for Ozzy Osbourne?

Alas, an Osbourne-led “Hash Pipe” was not to be, but Weezer and Ozzy get another shot at artistic synergy on Van Weezer’s “Blue Dream.” The song contains a re-purposed riff from Osbourne’s classic “Crazy Train,” so Weezer are sharing songwriting credits with Ozzy and co-writers Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley.

What is the meaning of Hash Pipe?

A hashpipe is a device used for smoking hashish, a potent form of marijuana.

What is a Chillum stone?

A chillum, or chilam, is a straight conical smoking pipe traditionally made of clay or a soft stone (Steatite or Catlinite). Examples of chillum were found in Pre-Columbian America, and it would evolve eventually into what we now know as the “elbow-pipe”. It was used popularly in India in the eighteenth century.

When did Weezer Hash Pipe come out?

2001Hash Pipe / Released

Is Hash Pipe a remake?

The song’s recording was inspired by an online campaign to get Weezer to cover it after a teen Weezer fan heard Toto’s original on Netflix’s Stranger Things. “Africa” has become a staple of Weezer’s live show on their summer tour and on Wednesday night (Aug.

Why did Weezer make the teal album?

The real reason this album gets to me is because Weezer’s ongoing strategy of prioritizing the shtick is still working. Teal essentially went viral this week, giving a promo boost to the band’s upcoming 13th LP of originals, the Black Album, whose singles have been pretty rough so far.