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Does ARTnews still publish?

Does ARTnews still publish?

After 113 years, ARTnews magazine is ceasing monthly publication. As a result of the magazine’s recent merger with Art in America, the title will be reduced to releasing quarterly issues.

Who publishes ARTnews?

Penske Media Corporation

Who is the editor of ARTnews?

Sarah Douglas
Sarah Douglas was appointed editor-in-chief of ARTnews in July 2014. She has been an art journalist and editor for numerous publications for 20 years, beginning with four years running the US editorial office of the Art Newspaper, after a stint writing exhibition reviews and previews for the New York Times online.

Who is the editor of Art in America?

Art in America

Editor William S. Smith
Country United States
Language English
ISSN 0004-3214

Is ARTnews a journal?

ARTnews is an American visual-arts magazine, based in New York City. It covers art from ancient to contemporary times. It includes news dispatches from correspondents, investigative reports, reviews of exhibitions, and profiles of artists and collectors.

When did ARTnews become ARTnews?

February 10, 1923
21, no. 18 (February 10, 1923), the magazine was published as American Art News. From February 1923 to the present, the magazine has been published as The Art News then ARTnews.

How do you write artnews?


  1. Write a short introduction about yourself.
  2. Include a paragraph highlighting your writing experience, relevant credentials and publication credits.
  3. Attach links to your strongest work or portfolio, and online profile.

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Is the art story a credible source?

While we summarize and analyze movements and artists, we do not use scholarly citations so as to simplify the reading experience, although all of our essays are checked for facts and content.