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Does Danielle Campbell sing in Starstruck?

Does Danielle Campbell sing in Starstruck?

Danielle Campbell was only 15 when the movie aired. Sterling Knight only sang Starstruck. The rest of the songs were sang by Drew Ryan Scott, because Knight was cast late in the process and did not have time to learn all the songs.

Who sang for Starstruck?

Christopher Wilde
Anna MargaretStubby

Who played the boy in Starstruck?

Sterling Sandmann Knight
Sterling Sandmann Knight (born March 5, 1989) is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He is known for his role as Chad Dylan Cooper in the Disney Channel sitcom Sonny with a Chance and its spinoff So Random!, Zander Carlson in Melissa & Joey, and Christopher Wilde in the Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck.

Who plays stubby in Starstruck?

Albert Joshua “Stubby” Stubbins is the best friend and driver of popstar Christopher Wilde. He and Christopher have been best friends since the 4th grade. He is portrayed by Brandon Mychal Smith.

How old was Jessica Olson in Starstruck?

15 years old
She is 15 years old. In the movie, people dub Christopher and Jessica’s relationship as Chrisica. Jessica is a terrible navigator. What You Mean to Mean is a song Christopher wrote dedicated to Jessica, expressing his regret of his actions towards her and revealing his true romantic feelings for her.

Is there a starstruck 2?

Starstruck season 2 will arrive on HBO Max (opens in new tab) on March 24 in the US. In the UK you can stream the series on BBC iPlayer (opens in new tab).

How old is Christopher Wilde in Starstruck?

Christopher Wilde is one of the protagonists of Disney Channel’s Original Movie, Starstruck. He is a wild 17-year-old teen Pop sensation and is the main love interest of Jessica Olson.

How tall is Sterling Knight?

5′ 10″Sterling Knight / Height

Is there a StarStruck 2?