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Does ID have to match your plane ticket?

Does ID have to match your plane ticket?

Can I travel under an incorrect name? Definitely not. Under the Transportation Security Administration’s (T.S.A.) rules, the name on the boarding pass must match the passenger’s government-issued ID.

Where is the booking ID in ticket?

If you have booked from any one of the website and apps that offer facility of online ticket booking then you will get your ticket PNR number easily from your booking history. And if you have booked your ticket through railway station counter then PNR number is printed on top-left corner of your ticket.

What happens if your boarding pass doesn’t match ID?

When the TSA agent checks your boarding pass, they are also checking your Secure Flight passenger data. Even though your boarding pass may not match your government-issued ID (i.e. your middle name is not on it), if your passenger information is correct, there will not be a problem.

Is ticket number and reference number same?

They are two different things. A booking reference is a record of your booking, usually with the airline or agent who issues the ticket. The flight number is the specific reference of the flight you are travelling on, but NOT the day; the same flight number is used on a route each day that this flight takes place.

What is a PNR number on e-ticket?

What is PNR number in Indian Railway? PNR is short name for ‘Passenger Name Record’. It is a record in the database of Indian Railways computer reservation system (IR-CRS) against which journey details for a passenger, or a group of passengers are saved.

Is PNR number same as e-ticket number?

A PNR is the internal record of the booking, while a ticket (or more commonly, e-ticket) is the document that confirms a traveler’s seat on the flight.

How do I confirm my flight e-ticket?

Once you have purchased your e-ticket, confirming your flight is a simple task.

  1. Log in to the email you provided when getting the e-ticket.
  2. Review your trip details.
  3. Print the email (e-ticket) so you have your boarding pass reference code, the e-ticket number, your trip ID and the payment information.