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Does iDye work on polyester?

Does iDye work on polyester?

iDye Poly is virtually the only dye that will color polyester. In fact, it will color almost anything synthetic, including plastics and nylons, buttons, frisbee discs, Worbla & Thibra, 3D printed objects, toys, dolls, wigs, cleats, urethane coatings and more.

Is iDye permanent?

Acid dyes (Silk Colors) for protein fibers (silk, wool, nylon), Procion for cot- ton, and iDye covers all natural (iDye Natural) and synthetics (iDye Poly) pet, nylon, so it is the most widely applicable, but also the Natural iDye is the least permanent of any of these dyes (fastest working shortest lasting).

How much salt do I put in iDye?

Add the iDye soluble dye packet to water and stir until fully dissolved. 3. For cotton, linen and rayon dissolve one cup/270 g of non-iodized salt in a little hot water and add to dye bath.

What kind of dye is iDye Poly?

iDye Poly from the USA is the only textile dye on the market which also gives new colour to “non-dyeable” polyester. iDye Poly is a hot water textile dye for synthetic polyester and nylon fabrics. With this textile dye you can also dye buttons, wigs, Worbla etc.

How much water do you mix with iDye Poly?

I just use 32 oz water and toss the idy packet into boilig water, simmer for like 15 minutes and call it done. I put the packet in a 32 oz jar then add hot tap water. Shake to mix.

Can I use iDye Poly in washing machine?

One of the great things about iDye is that its a sealed dye packet that dissolves in water. You just toss the dye in the washing machine, run it for 30 minutes adding salt or vinegar (depending on your fabric), wash it out and that’s it.

How do you use iDye Poly?

Add the iDye Poly soluble dye packet and iDye Color Intensifier to water and stir until dissolved. Add pre-wetted garments or fabric and bring to a rolling boil. Maintain temperature and stir frequently for ½ to 1 hour. For uniform color use constant agitation.

How do you mix iDye Poly?

To paint I use 1/8th teaspoon idye poly powder mix. ed with about 1/2 teaspoon of ALL free and clear laundry detergent. I use a chop stick to really whip it up. I really like the consistency and strength of color.

How long should disc dye sit?

Let the disc set on the die for 24-36 hours then rinse off all shaving cream and dye.

Is iDye toxic?

Yes, iDye Natural works great for dyeing rayon (which is essentially synthetic cotton). Nylon must be dyed using iDye Poly. Is it non toxic? If used according to the instructions, iDye is safe.