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Does Washington state have a health care exchange?

Does Washington state have a health care exchange?

The state of Washington operates its own health insurance exchange – Washington Healthplanfinder. Twelve insurers offer a total of 120 plans for 2022 through the exchange.

What is the income limit for WA Apple Health?

Today, Apple Health covers adults with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. In April 2022 that translated to about $18,754 for a single person or $38,295 for a family of four.

Does Washington State require 2021 health insurance?

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), most people are currently required to enroll in health insurance or pay a penalty.

What is the most popular health insurance in Washington state?

Three Washington Health Plans Ranked Best in the Nation

Association of Washington Cities Puget Sound Energy
King County The Boeing Company
Pacific Health Coalition Washington Health Benefit Exchange
Point B Washington State Health Care Authority
Port of Seattle Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust

What is Obamacare called in Washington state?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) In addition, the Washington Health Benefit Exchange was created to offer affordable health and dental insurance coverage that meets ACA requirements. Tax credits or financial help is available to pay for copays and premiums.

How do I get Obamacare in Washington state?

There is no open enrollment period, so you can apply throughout the year. You can apply for Apple Health online through the Washington Healthplanfinder (

Do I qualify for Apple Health in WA?

You may be eligible for Apple Health for Adults coverage if you: Are age 19 through 64. Have annual household income at or below the Medicaid standard (see income chart below). *

Is there a penalty for not having health insurance 2021 Washington?

Washington D.C. individual mandate Individuals who go without qualifying health coverage for a full year and don’t file for an exemption may owe a tax penalty. The penalty amount is either 2.5% of the gross family household income or $695 per individual and $347.50 per child; you’ll pay whichever amount is greater.