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Has any duo won The Voice?

Has any duo won The Voice?

The Swon Brothers are an American country music duo from Muskogee, Oklahoma, consisting of Zach Swon (born February 21, 1985) and Colton Swon (born August 17, 1988). In 2013, they finished in third place on the fourth season of NBC’s The Voice.

Did Kinsey Rose win the battle?

“The winner of this battle is Girl Named Tom,” Clarkson declared. However, in a twist of fate: Kinsey Rose was saved from elimination. This marked a first in The Voice history as she received three steals and a save. Ultimately, Rose chose to stay on Team Kelly.

Who stole gene on The Voice?

Gean Garcia is a singer from McAllen, Texas who was a contestant on Season 20 of The Voice. He was on Team Kelly, but was stolen by Team Legend….Gean Garcia.

Gender Male
Age 19
Location McAllen, Texas
Team(s) Kelly Legend
Season(s) 20

What is the point of the battles in The Voice?

The Battles Once the teams are set, the battle is on. Coaches will dedicate themselves to developing their team of artists, giving them advice, and sharing the secrets of their success along with the help from their celebrity advisers.

Are any voice Winners famous?

Danielle Bradbery (season 4 winner) Since graduating from Team Blake Shelton, Bradbery has gone on to have a successful country music career with 15 songs on the Hot Country chart, including “Goodbye Summer” with Thomas Rhett which rose to No. 39 in 2018. Her 2020 single “Never Have I Ever” reached No.

Where is Kinsey Rose now?

She is an artist in residence at some of Music City’s most iconic venues, notably the famous Legend’s Corner on Broadway, and she can also be found performing regularly at the Bridgestone Arena during the NHL Predators games.

Who won Bella or Katie?

Calling her “a stunningly gifted and consistent vocalist,” coach Ariana Grande on NBC’s “The Voice” Monday night saved 22-year-old Bella DeNapoli of West Islip after choosing her opponent, Katie Rae Mortimer, as winner of their Battle Round duet.

Who won the POV battle?

Plank’s confident performance and loose-limbed dancing won over all the judges, including the most important one: Her coach, pop singer Ariana Grande. And Grande gave her the vote she needed Tuesday night. “The winner of this battle,” Grande said, “is Ryleigh.”

How much does John Legend make on The Voice?

$13 million per season
According to multiple reports, Legend makes an estimated $13 million per season of The Voice. Given that two seasons of The Voice air per year, this puts Legend’s salary at around $26 million.