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How can I check my POEA license?

How can I check my POEA license?

To make sure, contact the POEA’s hotline number (722-11-44/ 722-11-55) or send email ([email protected]) to verify the agency you are dealing with.

How do you know if an agency is legit POEA?

How to Check if a Recruitment Agency is illegal using POEA website

  • Visit POEA website at
  • Look for “Status of Recruitment Agencies” search box.
  • Type the name of your recruitment agency then click the search button.
  • You should see the name of your agency as well as the address and contact numbers.

How do you know if an agency is legit?

How to know if a recruitment agency is legitimate

  1. Have you placed any previous candidates with your client?
  2. What can you tell me about the company’s culture?
  3. What opportunities are there for growth in this role?
  4. Please can you tell me more about the role?
  5. How long has the company been operating?

What are the agencies accredited by POEA?

List POEA Top Agency for 2020

  • Staffhouse International Resources Corporation.
  • NIR Placement Center, Inc.
  • Angelex Allied Agency.
  • JS Contractor Incorporated.
  • Arandrea Manpower Services.
  • Mariz Manpower Services.
  • Prudential Employment Agency.
  • Studio 85 Promotions, Inc.

What are the legit agency in the Philippines?

LIST OF LEGIT AGENCY AND COMPANY….Local/International Work for Pinoys

  • Best Allied Services Inc .
  • Rock Solid Manpower Network and Consultancy Inc .
  • Noble House Broker’s Inc.
  • Service Solutions Multi-Purpose Coop.
  • Excellens Recruitment Mgmt Resources Inc.
  • Jad Signature Inc/Balai Pandesal (Direct Company).

Is WorkAbroad PH legit?

WorkAbroad is a legitimate overseas job portal that lists only the job openings from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies. Furthermore they do not collect any fee from applicants. They highly encourage theiur members to report to them any agency or organization that collect money from applicants on their behalf.

What POEA means?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is a government body responsible for monitoring and regulating private recruitment agencies in the Philippines. Typically, the POEA ensures that all job opportunities overseas available to all Filipinos are legitimate.

How do I know if a recruitment agency is legal?

Visit the POEA Website to confirm the legitimacy of any recruitment agency. It contains the Status of Recruitment Agencies.

How long does it take to process job order in POEA?

Accreditation requires a minimum of eight weeks to process while additional job orders take as long as six weeks and job order encoding to the POEA system about a week.

How can I check my OEC registration?

Open your email account to click the confirmation link. Log-in as Already Registered user. Enter your last issued OEC number. If no record found, set an Online Appointment.