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How can I contact Pakistan embassy?

How can I contact Pakistan embassy?

If you are an American citizen with an emergency, please call (+92) 051-201-4000 . During working hours, please ask to be connected to the American Citizen Services Unit. After hours or on weekends, please ask to be connected to the Duty Officer. Information on visa cases is not given out over the phone.

Does U.S. has embassy in Pakistan?

The mission of the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad–and the Consulates in Peshawar, Lahore, and Karachi–is to promote bilateral ties between the United States and Pakistan and to foster economic and commercial relations.

Is U.S. Embassy in Pakistan open for visit visa?

The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad has resumed limited immigrant and nonimmigrant visa interviews. The Consulate General in Karachi has resumed limited processing of nonimmigrant visas. If you have an urgent matter and need to travel immediately, please follow the guidance provided to request an emergency appointment.

Can a Pakistani visit America?

The U.S. Consulate General Karachi accepts applications for nonimmigrant visas to the United States. Nonimmigrant visas are for people who are visiting the U.S. temporarily for tourism, business, education, medical treatment, or petition-based employment. The type of visa required depends on your purpose of travel.

Is the U.S. embassy open?

The coronavirus pandemic led to the suspension of U.S. visa services around the world. As restrictions start to ease, most U.S. embassies and consulates have resumed certain immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments.

How many embassies in Pakistan?

Pakistan itself in total counts near 67 Embassies and 60 Consulates spread all over the world. In the list below, you can connect with any of indicated specific Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan or Pakistani Embassy or Consulate in specific foreign country to get the complete information as regards of contact details and services offered by that

Who is the US Ambassador to Pakistan?

Served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Japan from August 2017.

  • Served as Additional Foreign Secretary (Americas) from August,2016 to July 2017.
  • Served as Director General (Americas) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from June 2016 to August,2016.
  • Is US Embassy Pakistan Open?

    The ability of U.S. embassies and consulates to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens continues to be limited. The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad and U.S. Consulates General in Karachi and Lahore have resumed limited routine services, including passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, and notarial services.

    Where was the first Pakistan Embassy opened?

    First in pakistan history. • Iran was first to recognize Pakistan. • Pakistan opened its first embassy in Iran. • First governor of State Bank Zahid Hussain. • First Lady governor Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1976. • First lady federal minister Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism). • First state to join Pakistan was Bahawul Pur, 1954.