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How can I study in Madinah Islamic university?

How can I study in Madinah Islamic university?

Applicants must be international (Muslim) Male of good conduct. Students must hold high school education (12 years) education or equivalent to the education for undergraduate requirements. Applicants must hold bachelor degrees or 16-year education at the time of Master’s degree applications with 3.75 out of 5.

What are the courses in Islamic University of Madinah?


  • Bachelor of Sharia. Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Bachelor of Advocacy and Origins of Religion. Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Bachelor of Quran and Islamic Studies. Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Bachelor of Hadith and Islamic Studies. Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Bachelor of Arabic Language.
  • Bachelor of Mathematics.
  • Bachelor of Chemistry.
  • Bachelor of Physics.

Is Islamic University of Madinah for female?

MADINAH: A member of the Senior Scholars Council, Dr. Abdullah Al-Manieh, has called for the establishment of women’s departments at the Islamic University in Madinah in line with other universities in the Kingdom.

How can I join university of Madinah?

How to apply to the university

  1. Choose a program.
  2. Press “Apply now” button.
  3. Send an admissions form.
  4. Complete admissions tasks.
  5. Go to study.

Is studying in Saudi Arabia free?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides opportunities for international students to complete their degrees for free. Besides its government-funded scholarships, top universities in the country offer fully-funded scholarships to qualified applicants.

How many universities are there in Madinah?

2 universities
There are 2 universities offering 24 study programs in Medina.

Which person is remember as the teacher of Madinah?

When a few people from Madinah embraced Islam, they requested the Prophet PBUH to send a teacher along with them who could teach them the Quran, instruct them in Islam and its religious rites. And thus Saad Ibn Al Aas (RA)was appointed to teach at Madinah.

What is the Madina Institute’s 1-year online Islamic Studies Program?

The Madina Institute’s 1-Year Online Islamic Studies program comprises of 5 different tracks. Find out more information on these tracks and offerings… The Madina Institute’s Online Arabic programs encompass an unique teaching methodology that enables students to access the Quran and other Arabic texts in their original form.

Why Madina Institute?

To experience both spiritual and academic education and training by someone like Shaykh Ninowy is a once in a lifetime opportunity. What Madina Institute gives you are the keys to seeking true knowledge and establishes a solid framework and foundation for one’s pursuit of transformational knowledge.

How does Madina help one learn the Adab?

It helps one learn the adab of the Ahlul-ilm and how to maneuver with it in one’s interactions with friends, family, and peers. I hope to embody some of that one day. I can easily describe my Madina experience in two words: life-altering.

What is the importance of studying logic in Islam?

This subject is a study of logic as it was taught and studied by Islamic theologians as well as modern logic. The study of logic assists students in developing consistency in their thoughts and arguments. It assists them in constructing clear, consistent and valid arguments.