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How can I watch Hikvision DVR on DDNS?

How can I watch Hikvision DVR on DDNS?


  1. Enter the Settings page of the device. On the device list page, if the page is in list mode, swipe the device’s name to the left and tap .
  2. On the Settings page, tap Configure DDNS to enter the Configure DDNS page.
  3. Set the required information. Device Domain Name.
  4. Tap .

Is Hikvision DDNS free?

Remote Access of a DVR/NVR with Free HikVision DDNS Service.

How do I access my Hikvision camera remotely?

Go the following menu location: Configuration –> Network –> Platform Access. PRODUCTS: HIKVISION DEVICES TOPICS COVERED IN THIS KBA: How to enable Hik-Connect remote access on HIK devices (NVR/DVR/Camera). c. Select the Enable tick box at the top of the page.

How can I access Hikvision DVR without static IP?

The proper settings are as follows:

  1. DDNS Type: No-IP.
  2. Server Address:
  3. Domain: The hostname you created for example:
  4. User Name: Your No-IP Account Email Address or Username.
  5. Password: Your Password to log into No-IP.

How can I access my Hikvision DVR from outside Network?

Enable remote HTTP access, so that the router can be reached from a remote location. Specify an Access Point Name (APN) for the SIM card in use, so that the router will obtain a Public IP address. Configure a Port Forwarding rule that redirects all connections from one Port to the camera’s IP address:Port.

Should I enable DDNS?

Summary. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is very useful if you need to access internal network services from across the Internet. It isn’t designed for hosting a business website, for that you will need standard web hosting.

Do I need DDNS for CCTV?

Cloud-based CCTV Because http tunnelling is initiated from inside the network it requires no port forwarding and no DDNS. The act of tunnelling gives the cloud provider a route back into the device which made the network connection (but not the wider network).

What ports need to be open for Hikvision?

You will need to open up the following ports :

  • HTTP Port = 80.
  • Server Port = 8000.
  • RTSP Port = 554.
  • HTTPS Port = 443.