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How do I add inventory to Navision?

How do I add inventory to Navision?


  1. Navigate to Item card.
  2. Select assist Edit next to Inventory and enter the New Inventory.
  3. If New Inventory is less than current inventory a Negative Adjustment will be passed behind the scene.
  4. If New Inventory is greater than current inventory a positive Adjustment will be passed behind the scene.

Is NAV 2017 still supported?

Although Dynamics NAV is no longer available for new customers, there are a number of versions that are still in mainstream support….When does Dynamics NAV go out of support?

Mainstream support Extended support
Dynamics NAV 2017 11 January 2022 11 January 2027

What is the difference between mainstream and extended support Microsoft?

Microsoft offers two phases of product support: Mainstream Support and Extended Support. Mainstream Support begins when the product is released and extends for a period of time. Then Extended Support follows for a period of time with reduced features.

What is the difference between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics NAV?

However, the difference between the two solutions is that Dynamics 365 is only a ‘SaaS’ solution, which means that it is only avalible through a cloud based application that, you can connect to via the Internet, whereas Dynamics NAV can be implemented locally on your own server.

Is Dynamics NAV the same as Dynamics 365?

Dynamics NAV has been rebranded Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise, and both versions of Business Central (cloud and on-premise) have the same features and functions.

Is NAV the same as Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV share the same codebase, meaning they are similar products. Both will give you: Anytime and anywhere access.

What are the problems with inventory management?

This is clearly reflective in the trend with respect to orthopedic and spinal problems, urinary conditions, heart problems and others. Moreover, negative changes in the dietary habits and lifestyles are creating more health problems for the world.

What are the objectives of inventory management?

To ensure that the supply of raw material&finished goods will remain continuous so that production process is not halted and demands of customers are duly met.

  • To minimize carrying cost of inventory.
  • To keep investment in inventory at optimum level.
  • To reduce the losses of theft,obsolescence&wastage etc.
  • What makes a good inventory management system?

    a good inventory management software should allow you to open multiple warehouses, to have a stock adjustment option, ability to move products between warehouses, to have ability to track products by lot/serial numbers, access from your tablet/mobile phone. it should not allow you to have negative quantities, it needs to have a strict control about it. you can try ERPAG, it covers everything that i mentioned. feel free to register for a free trial or demo on

    How to create an inventory management system?

    Make sure you have a good starting count of all your items, their locations, and any other relevant inventory data. Use an inventory tracking software like Clearly Inventory. Spreadsheets or written lists do not work well in the long term. Create solid inventory management policies and train your people to follow them.