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How do I change the pitch bend range in Kontakt?

How do I change the pitch bend range in Kontakt?

To use the full pitch bend range, you may go to the Multi Rack view, select the Options tab, and under “PB Range” drag the “Down” and “Up” knobs to -12 and 12 respectively: Using the same method, we can add more modulators to respond to: Velocity (Strike) – you might want to set the destination to volume.

Does HALion 6 include HALion Sonic?

HALion Sonic 3 is an all-in-one workstation partner to HALion 6, but in this review, we’ll be looking at HALion 6. Good news all users of DAWS – this product is cross-platform compatible on Windows (VST 3, VST 2, AAX) and Mac OS (VST3, AU, AAX).

What does pitch bend do?

A pitch bend is a music effect on where one note will slide to another note. Pitch bends is a technical term that is used in MIDI technology and there are some genres of music such as rock and video game where pitch bends are often heard. The first synthesizer with a pitch wheel was the Minimoog, in 1970.

Is Kontakt an MPE?

Kontakt. Kontakt does not have an MPE mode but it is fairly simple to configure for MPE use. Simply load Kontakt then load, for example, 4 instances of the same sample group into it.

Whats the difference between HALion and HALion Sonic?

HALion Sonic: A version of HALion with reduced functionality. For example, it does not include custom macro and sampling features. HALion: The full version of HALion, including sampling and scripting functionality.

Is HALion Sonic good?

HALion Sonic 3 has many more features I couldn’t get to in just this one article, but one thing is certain: this is a highly capable workstation with a huge potential. It overflows with sample content and very useful synths. Steinberg thought through the details in this product extremely well.

Is HALion Sonic 3 free?

HALion Sonic SE 3 is available for free as a plug-in for any VST3, VST2, AU and AAX compatible host and as a stand-alone application for macOS and Windows.

What is the difference between HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE?

HALion Sonic SE: A free version of HALion Sonic (also included with all versions of Cubase), with a smaller sample library and reduced sound synthesis functionality. HALion Sonic: A version of HALion with reduced functionality. For example, it does not include custom macro and sampling features.

What instruments can pitch bend?

But many other instruments, including electric guitars, saxophones, the violin family, and most Indian melodic instruments, as well as the human voice, routinely use “bends” of pitch as part of their expressive technique.

How do I enable MPE in Kontakt?

Once Kontakt is loaded inside Lié and you opened the instrument you want to play with, click on the “Auto” tab on the left, then on “Host Automation”. Click and hold any of the “host parameter” entries below, drag them to the right, and drop them on top of the control element you want to make available for mapping.

Is the Au version of HALion Sonic 2 stable?

**VST and stand-alone only. AU version is not stable under 10.13. Download the update to HALion Sonic 2 from an existing HALion Sonic 1.5 installation here. Please note that a HALion Sonic 2 (or newer) license needs to be present on the USB-eLicenser to use this version! A HALion Sonic license is not sufficient!

What is MIDI controller smoothing in HALion Sonic SE?

To avoid this, HALion Sonic SE provides MIDI controller smoothing, so that parameter changes occur more gradually. • If MIDI controller changes cause audible artifacts, turn the control towards slower settings. This way, MIDI controller changes do not occur immediately, but are spaced over a period of time (in milliseconds).

What is multi program HALion Sonic SE?

Multis HALion Sonic SE is a multitimbral plug-in that can load up to 16 sounds (or programs) and combine them. This combination is called a multi program, or multi for short. You can use multis, to layer seve ral programs or to create split sounds by setting several programs to the same MIDI input channel, for example.

What is the pitch of the sub oscillator?

The pitch of the sub oscillator is always one octave lower than the overall pitch. The overall pitch is determined by the Octave setting in the Trigger and Pitch section. Sub Oscillator Type The wave shape of the sub oscillator. You can choose between Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Pulse Wide, and Pulse Narrow.