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How do I connect my mini smart socket to WiFi?

How do I connect my mini smart socket to WiFi?

Setting up a smart plug with the Google Home Mini or any Google Assistant-enabled device is the same process as setting up any supported smart device. In the Google Home app, tap Add > Set up device > Works with Google. Select your smart plug’s manufacturer, then follow the prompts to set up the smart plugs.

How do I connect my defender mini smart plug?

Push in your new Defender Smart Plug in your desired socket and plug your appliance into the front of the plug. Use the apps to add the plugs and start controlling your devices. The Mini Smart Plug requires a working 2.4GHz WiFi connection to operate.

How does the mini smart plug work?

Smart Plugs take a wired home to a new level. They plug into your outlets and let you run small home appliances through Alexa, another intelligent home device, or the sound of your voice. A smart plug turns a “dumb” device, like a coffee maker, room fan, or table lamp, into a smart device.

Why can’t I connect my smart plug to Wi-Fi?

The most likely cause of not being able to connect to the wifi with your smart plugs is the app that you’re using, and your phone’s settings. Ensuring that your Bluetooth, wifi and your location settings are on is the first step to fixing the problem.

Is smart Life app free?

The free Smart Life app is available for both Android and iOS systems (Play Store or App Store). It was developed and continues to operate by Tuya, one of the largest smart home B2B platform providers in the world.

Why can’t I connect my Smart Plug to Wi-Fi?

Do smart plugs need Wi-Fi?

As you can see a lot of the functions that make our smart homes “smart” depends on an internet connection. Without an internet connection many Wi-Fi based plugs and switches will continue to operate, but some of the advanced options like voice control won’t work.