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How do I contact ROM?

How do I contact ROM?

For urgent assistance, please call our hotline at 6338 7808 during our operating hours. Thank you. * NRIC/Passport No.

Is ROM and Solemnisation the same?

After the solemnisation and signing on the marriage certificate, the Certificate of Marriage (white coloured copy) will be returned to ROM by your licensed solemniser, if your solemnisation ceremony is outside of ROM, while the newlyweds will be given a Copy of Certificate of Marriage (coloured copy).

How can I get my marriage certificate in Singapore?

1. You can request for Duplicate Certificate for marriages registered with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on or after 15 September 1961 using this e-Service. For marriages contracted before 15 September 1961, you should enquire directly with the National Archives of Singapore.

How do I register my overseas marriage in Singapore?

Singaporeans who are overseas may apply for the document via the ROM website and/or through the assistance of a friend or relative. Please use your NRIC number to apply for a search result.

Who can be witness for ROM?

In Singaporean traditions, the 2 witnesses are either the parents or siblings of the couple, or any relative.

What should I bring to ROM appointment?

For an appointment at ROM, you’ll need:

  • Summary of Notice of Marriage.
  • Original NRIC (SC/SPR) or Passport (Foreigner) of Groom and Bride.
  • Photocopy of NRIC (SC/SPR) or Passport (Foreigner) of 2 witnesses.
  • Signed “Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage” form.
  • Divorce paper (if applicable)

How much does ROM cost in Singapore?

Registering at ROM It doesn’t cost much to get legally married in Singapore. If you’re a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, it’ll cost you just $42 to get registered at the Registry Of Marriage (ROM) and $380 if you both are foreigners.

Do I have to register my overseas marriage in Singapore?

Do I need to re-register my overseas marriage with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) Singapore? Answer: There is no provision in the Women’s Charter (Chapter 353) that requires couples to re-register their overseas marriages, which includes “converting” or “endorsing” a foreign marriage certificate, in Singapore.

Can we register marriage in two countries?

In this case, the marriage can be solemnized and registered in India or any other country from where the foreigner belongs or is a citizen of. The other case may be when both the parties are a citizen of India or are Non-residents of India and get their marriage solemnized under any foreign law.

Is Marriage Preparation Programme compulsory for Singaporean above 21 years old?

I am a Singaporean above 21 years old and getting married to a foreigner. I heard there’s a talk or programme that we need to go. Is it compulsory? The Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) is not compulsory but we encourage all marrying couples to attend marriage preparation programme.

Can a work permit holder marry a Singapore citizen or permanent resident?

Please note that current or former work permit holder who wishes to marry a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident, should obtain approval from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before proceeding to file a notice of marriage. This is to ensure that the marriage application does not breach any work permit conditions.

What is the process to register a marriage with ROM?

Couples will have to file a notice of marriage via ROM’s website in order to book a solemnisation slot at ROM. I am a Singaporean and my spouse-to-be is a foreigner. What is the process to register our marriage with the Registry of Marriages (ROM)?

What is re-registration of an overseas marriage?

Re-registration of an overseas marriage is purely voluntary and administrative. Generally, an overseas marriage will be recognised in Singapore if it was registered according to the law of the place in which the marriage was contracted.