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How do I contact Surface support?

How do I contact Surface support?

Make an appointment at a Surface Walk-In Center to help resolve your issue:

  1. Go to the Surface Walk-In Center Contact Information page.
  2. Select your location to find the Walk-In Center nearest you.
  3. Choose your Walk-In Center and contact them to schedule an appointment.

Can I use my Surface Pro in Europe?

It is totally safe to plug it in. Was this reply helpful?

Is Surface Pro 6 dual voltage?

Hello there, Yes, the Surface devices are Dual Voltage. If you look at the Charger, under Input, it is listed “100 – 240V”, so it will work with 110/120 volt and 220/240 volt sockets if you have the correct adapter.

How many watts does a Surface Pro use?

Choose your Surface device model

Power supply unit model Surface model Total wattage
1735 Surface Pro 4 Core M SKU Surface Pro (5th Gen) M3 SKU 24 watts
1706 Surface Pro 7 Surface Pro 7+ Surface Pro 8 Surface Pro X 65 watts
1625 Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 4 36 watts

Is Surface Book end of life?

Indicates devices with a previously declared end of firmware/driver servicing support date….Surface driver and firmware servicing dates.

Device Release Date End of Servicing Date
Surface Book October 26, 2015 November 13, 2021

Is Microsoft discontinuing Surface?

We asked Microsoft whether it will be retiring the Surface Book range, and a spokesperson confirmed that the new Surface Laptop Studio is designed to replace the Surface Book in Microsoft’s 2021 line-up. This means the Surface Book is no more.

What kind of support does surface offer?

Surface support Products Microsoft 365 Office Outlook Microsoft Teams OneDrive OneNote Windows Microsoft Edge more Devices Surface PC accessories Mobile Xbox HoloLens Hardware warranties Service & repair Warranty Surface for Business More support Community forums Microsoft 365 Admins Small Business Admins Developer Education

How do I protect my surface surface for my business accessories?

Protect your Surface Surface for your Business Accessories Surface Support Register your Surface Get the Surface Newsletter Power cord recall Features and app availability may vary by region. Follow this page

How do I Send my Surface Pro in for repair?

If none of the previous solutions have resolved your issue, you can send in your Surface. If you decide to send it in, go to Device service and repair and sign in with your Microsoft account. If your device is already registered, select it and follow the instructions.

How do I get service for my surface?

How to get service for Surface. To get service for your Surface, you can send it in to get quality service performed by trusted experts using certified parts. You’ll be back up and creating your best work on your Surface.