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How do I download Bomgar client?

How do I download Bomgar client?

1. The client goes to and can either select a representative or input a session key provided to them by a DoIT technician who is online. 2. The client is taken to a download page and must click on the “bomgar …” download to begin the session.

Where can I download Bomgar Representative console?

To Install Bomgar:

  • Go to
  • Enter your MyLSU credentials. If you do not have access to the site, contact your BeyondTrust administrator.
  • Click “Download BeyondTrust Representative Console” to download the installation file.
  • Run the file to install the program.

Where does Bomgar Jump client Install?

If you can still control the screen after logging out, this proves the client is running as a service. Jump Clients installed in service mode are found in the /opt/bomgar/bomgar-scc-* folder.

What does Beyond Trust Remote Support Jump client do?

Jump Clients let you control remote computers even when you don’t control the remote network. Simply install a Jump Client on each system you need to access and you’ll be able to control it wherever it goes—without requiring the person on the other end of the session to be present.

How do I install Bomgar on Windows 10?

Windows or macOS Device

  1. Login using your NetID and password.
  2. Select the appropriate version from the Choose Platform drop-down list.
  3. Click Download Bomgar Representative Console.
  4. Run the installer you just downloaded (this will require administrative rights). Accept all default values in the installer.

What is BeyondTrust bomgar?

BeyondTrust Remote Support (formerly Bomgar) enables you to remotely access and fix nearly any device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world.

What is BeyondTrust representative console?

The web rep console enables you to use a web-based representative console to securely support customers and access remote systems by connecting to them remotely through the B Series Appliance. To begin using the web rep console to support customers, follow the steps outlined below.

Is bomgar used to spy on employees?

Bomgar will not be used in support of any type of surveillance activities by IT staff.

How do I set up bomgar?

How do I log into Bomgar?

By default, in Windows, you can access the console from Start Menu > All Programs > Bomgar >, where is the hostname of the site from which you downloaded the console. If the Login Agreement has been enabled, you must click Accept to proceed.

What is bomgar link?

Bomgar Connect enables organizations to improve service levels and deliver superior support with: Screen Sharing and Remote Control – View and see the end-user’s screen and take complete control of the remote system or device. File Transfer – Transfer files between remote computers, tablets or smartphones.