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How do I download JDBC drivers?

How do I download JDBC drivers?

Download the driver

  1. Navigate to the MySQL Community Downloads website.
  2. Click the Archives tab.
  3. Click the Product Version drop-down menu and select 5.1.
  4. Download the ZIP archive (for Windows) or TAR archive (for Linux and macOS).
  5. Unpack the archive file using WinZIP (for Windows) or another utility.

How do I download JDBC driver for SQL server?

Here is how download and install it.

  1. Go to Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server Website at
  2. Click the Download link.
  3. Select a version that is compatible with SQL Server version and JVM version according the table below.

How do I download MySQL Connector JAR in Java?


  1. Download the MySQL Connector/J drivers at
  2. Install the . jar file and note its location for future reference. Example. For example, install the . jar file at C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector J\mysql-connector-java-5.1. 32-bin. jar.

How do I download MySQL Connector jar in Java?

Where is SQL Server JDBC driver?

The JDBC driver files are installed in C:\program files\microsoft SQL server JDBC Driver\lib.

Where is JDBC driver for SQL Server?

The version of the installed Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server can be found in the following ways:

  1. Call the SQLServerDatabaseMetaData methods getDriverMajorVersion, getDriverMinorVersion, or getDriverVersion.
  2. The version is displayed in the readme. txt file of the product distribution.

Where are the sqljdbc JAR files installed?

The sqljdbc.jar file, sqljdbc4.jar file, sqljdbc41.jar, or sqljdbc42.jar file are installed in the following location: The following snippet is an example of the CLASSPATH statement that is used for a Windows application: CLASSPATH =.;C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.0 for SQL Server\\sqljdbc_4.2\\enu\\sqljdbc42.jar

What is the size of sqljdbc4 jar?

Download of sqljdbc4.jar ( sqljdbc4.jar ( external link: 537,303 bytes) will begin shortly. If not so, click link on the left.

Which JAR file should I choose for the JDBC driver?

The Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.1 for SQL Server provides the sqljdbc41.jar class library file. Your choice will also determine available features. For more information about which JAR file to choose, see System requirements for the JDBC driver.

How to connect to a SQL Server database using JDBC?

Before you connect to a SQL Server database, SQL Server must first be installed on either your local computer or a server, and the JDBC driver must be installed on your local computer. The Microsoft JDBC Driver provides different Jars to be used in correspondence with your preferred Java Runtime Environment (JRE) settings, as under: