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How do I enable hyperthreading on my Dell server?

How do I enable hyperthreading on my Dell server?


  1. On Post, Press F2 to enter the BIOS System Setup.
  2. From System Setup Main Menu, Select System BIOS.
  3. Under System BIOS Settings Menu set: Select Processor Settings > Logical Processor > Enabled.
  4. Press Esc twice and Save Changes.
  5. Select OK to confirm the Changes.
  6. Press Esc and Yes to exit and reboot.

What PowerEdge 2950?

The Dellâ„¢ PowerEdgeâ„¢ 2950 server delivers an excellent balance of outstanding performance, availability and flexibility for growing network infrastructure applications as well as web, messaging, database and file/print consolidation in a rack-optimized 2U form factor.

How do I enable hyperthreading?

Enabling or disabling Intel Hyperthreading

  1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Processor Options > Intel (R) Hyperthreading Options.
  2. Select a setting.
  3. Save your setting.

How do I turn off hyperthreading on my Dell?

Disabling Hyperthreading For example, Dell computers use F2 or F12, but it’s F10 on HP. On some models, you just need to press the Delete key on boot up.

How do I know if Hyper-Threading is enabled?

If the number of logical processors is greater than physical processors (cores), then hyperthreading is enabled.

How do I know if my CPU supports Hyper-Threading?

Click the “Performance” tab in the Task Manager. This shows current CPU and memory usage. The Task Manager displays a separate graph for each CPU core on your system. You should see double the number of graphs as you have processor cores if your CPU supports Hyper-Threading.

How do I know if hyperthreading is enabled?

Should I enable or disable hyperthreading?

If you want to make sure hyperthreading is worth the increased performance, run your system in BIOS and check how much temperature it generates compared to when it’s disabled. Then, you should decide if you can reduce the added temperature by using a better thermal paste. If not, you may want to disable the feature.