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How do I find my HBA wwn number in Linux?

How do I find my HBA wwn number in Linux?

Here is a solution to find WWN number of HBA and scan the FC Luns.

  1. Identify the number of HBA adapters. systool -c fc_host -v.
  2. To get the WWNN (World Wide Node Number) of HBA or FC card in Linux.
  3. To get the WWPN (World Wide Port Number) of HBA or FC card in Linux.
  4. Scan newly added disks or rescan existing LUNs in Linux.

How do I get HBA wwn?

Step 1 Run the fcinfo hba-port command to the HBA WWN in Solaris 10. Manufacturer: QLogic Corp. Manufacturer: QLogic Corp. Step 2 Run the prtpicl -v -c scsi-fcp |grep -i wwn command to view the HBA WWN in Solaris 8 and 9.

How do I find WWPN number in Linux?

To locate the WWPN without restarting the host, you can use any of the following methods: For QLogic or Emulex adapters, you can find the WWPN in the /proc/scsi/ adapter_type / n directory, where adapter_type is the host adapter type and n is the host adapter number for your card.

What is HBA in Linux?

Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters(HBA) are interface cards that connects the host system to a fibre channel network or devices. The two major manufacturers of FC HBAs are QLogic and Emulex and the drivers for many HBAs are distributed in-box with the Operating Systems.

How do I find my WWN virtual machine number?

Alternatively, run the following commands:

  1. Run ” cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/6 | grep -A3 ‘SCSI Device Information:’ ” to get WWNN and WWPNs: ~ # cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/6 | grep -A3 ‘SCSI Device Information:’
  2. Run ” cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/6 | grep ‘Host Device Name’ ” to get vmhba number:

How do I find the LUN ID in Linux?

For each additional logical unit number (LUN) that needs to be discovered by the Linux kernel, perform the following steps: At the command prompt type echo “scsi-add-single-device H C I L” >/proc/scsi/scsi where H is the host adapter, C is the channel, I id the ID and L is the LUN and press the key.

Where is HBA WWN number ESXi server?

2. How to find HBA WWN via ESXi Shell / CLI:

  1. Connect to ESXi shell either via putty/SSH or DCUI (Direct Console User Interface) / server console.
  2. Run ‘ls /proc/scsi/’ and check the folder names:
  3. Look for a folder like ‘qla2xxx’ – QLogic HBA, ‘lpfc820’ – Emulex HBA, ‘bnx2i” – Brocade HBA;
  4. Run ‘ls /proc/scsi/qla2xxx’.

How do I find the Wwid of a device in Linux?

You can get the WWID by running the scsi_id command on a device. For example, assume that /dev/sda is a local SCSI drive. To obtain the WWID on systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or 6 series or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and 11, enter /lib/udev/scsi_id -gud /dev/ sda .

How do I find my LUN ID?

Using Disk Manager

  1. Access Disk Manager under “Computer Management” in “Server Manager” or in the command prompt with diskmgmt.msc.
  2. Right-Click on the side-bar of the disk you wich to view and select “Properties”
  3. You will see the LUN number and the target name. In this example it’s “LUN 3” and “PURE FlashArray”