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How do I get a support law enforcement plate in Florida?

How do I get a support law enforcement plate in Florida?

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Floridians interested in purchasing the new Support Law Enforcement plate are encouraged to visit their local tax collector or license plate agency. A list of locations can be found online at There will be a $20 specialty plate fee in addition to other registration fees.

What does Fe on a license plate mean?


Do Florida license plates say In God We Trust?

So to answer why some license plates say “In God We Trust” and others don’t, it’s a matter of tradition, choice and expression. If motorists want to drive solo, that’s their choice. If they want to go with God, Florida lets them.

How much does the University of Florida license plate cost?

Enacted: 10/01/1986. Annual Use Fee: $25.00. Revenue goes to University of Florida for academic enhancement, including scholarships. ​93,716 UF specialty license plates were bought in 2020 and it is the 2nd highest selling specialty license plate.

How do I look up a Florida license plate?

You may check personalized plate availability online at the state DMV website.

How do I change my license plate in Florida?

Changing the type of Florida license plate you have can be done in person at any tag or tax collector’s office. You can request this change at any time throughout the year, you do not have to wait until your registation is up for renewal.

What does pm mean on a license plate Florida?

permanent registration
Beginning July 1, 2021, rental car companies can choose a regular or permanent registration for their vehicles. If permanent is chosen, FLHSMV will issue a registration decal with “PM” printed on it in place of the month and year expiration. The paper registration will also have “Permanent Decal Issued” printed on it.

What is Florida’s license plate motto?

In God We Trust
Vehicle registration plates of Florida

Current series
Slogan County name Sunshine State In God We Trust
Size 12 in × 6 in 30 cm × 15 cm
Material Aluminum
Serial format AB1 2CD ABC D12 A12 3BC 12A BCD

Why do some Florida license plates say Sunshine State?

In the early ’90s, the state began issuing plates with Sunshine State at the bottom to rental car agencies in order to avoid identifying automobiles as rental cars. The change was prompted by a rash of carjackings and thefts, as criminals preyed on people driving cars with out-of-county tags.

Does Florida have a black license plate?

In 2019, the existing U of Miami design sold 26,489, ranked number 18 behind University of Central Florida (26,715). UCF changed their design to a black plate in 2019.