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How do I get a Utah DOT number?

How do I get a Utah DOT number?

(Motor Carrier Identification Report) to obtain the number. The form can be found at If you do not have access to the internet you can call the FMCSA toll free number 1-800-832-5660 to request a form be mailed to you.

How much is an oversize permit in Utah?

A Temporary Trip Permit is issued in lieu of IRP plates for travel within Utah. The fee for a Temporary Utah Trip Permit is $25 and is valid for 72 hours or $50 for 144 hours.

What is the port of entry in Utah?

The Monticello Port of Entry is nestled at the base of the Abajo or Blue Mountains on US 491 near the intersection of US 191 just 17 miles from the Colorado border. Monticello sits at an elevation of over 7,000 feet, so the Port is the highest above sea level of any of the State’s Ports.

How wide can a load be in Utah?

Utah law and Utah Regulations for Legal & Permitted Vehicles impose the following restrictions on vehicle width, height, length, and load extensions: A vehicle with or without a load may not exceed a width of 8 ½ feet. A vehicle with or without a load may not exceed a height of 14 feet.

Does Utah require intrastate authority?

If you haul loads for pay inside the state of Utah – picking up and delivering these loads without crossing state lines, as mentioned above, you will need to register for Utah Intra-State Motor Carrier Authority (also known as a Utah DOT Number, Utah DOT, DOT Utah).

Does Utah have a bridge law?

Not to exceed 11,000 pounds per axle. The axle, groups of axles, and GVW do not exceed the Utah bridge formula. The combination unit will conform to the bridge formula and the legal axle and gross vehicle weight limits. All axles in the group must be duals or super singles to be allowed maximum authorized weight.

Can oversize loads travel at night in Utah?

Loads 10′ to 12′ wide or 105′ in length may move on secondary highways at night with two certified pilot escorts. Loads 10′ to 14′ wide or exceeding 105′ in length may move at night with one certified pilot escort. Loads exceeding 14′ in height must have approval from UDOT.

Who has to stop at Utah port of entry?

All trucks over 10,000 pounds and all commercial vehicles with livestock are required to enter Utah weigh stations. All vehicles with dealer tags are required to stop at the ports of entry.

Does Utah have an inland port?

The Utah Inland Port is a proposed dry port in the northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City, Utah and other undeveloped land in Salt Lake County.

How much overhang can you have on a trailer in Utah?

6 feet
The 6 feet of rear overhang is measured from the rear bumper of the trailer to the end of the overhang, or from the 80 foot point on the flipper or ramp to the end of the overhang. The total overall length allowed including overhangs with or without ramps or flippers may not exceed 90 feet.

Can you pull double trailers in Utah?

In Utah you can pull a double as long as it is less than 65 feet total length.

How do I get a permit for my vehicle in Utah?

The permit may be in paper or electronic format. Prior to operation in the State of Utah, permits may be purchased online with a major credit card at: Permits are issued on a single trip, semi-annual or annual basis.

What is an access permit in Utah?

Access Permits are for designing any driveway or street connection to a Utah highway. Encroachment Permits are for bonded contractors to perform any construction activity within the UDOT right-of-way. Special Event Permits are for activities such as parades, races, or media recordings.

What is a 45 day temporary permit in Utah?

When a dealer has sold a vehicle to a Utah resident, a 45 day temporary permit is issued by the dealer. This allows the dealer 45 days to obtain the registration and license plates from the Motor Vehicle Division. This website is provided for general guidance only. It does not contain all motor vehicle laws or rules.

How do I obtain an oversize or overweight permit in Utah?

The following conditions must be met to obtain an oversize or overweight permit: The motor carrier complies with the financial responsibility obligations in 49 CFR Part 387 (Interstate) and Utah Administrative Rule R909-1 (Intrastate) The vehicle or vehicles must be properly registered in accordance with UCA 41-1A-2