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How do I get from Beauvais airport to Beauvais?

How do I get from Beauvais airport to Beauvais?

The quickest way to get from Beauvais Airport (BVA) to Beauvais Station is to taxi which costs €14 – €18 and takes 7 min. Is there a direct bus between Beauvais Airport (BVA) and Beauvais Station? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Aéroport and arriving at Brière SNCF.

How much is the shuttle bus from Beauvais to Paris?

approximately 17,00€
There is a shuttle bus providing a connection between the Beauvais-Tillé airport and Paris, more precisely the Pershing car park in Paris – Porte Maillot. A single ticket fee is approximately 17,00€ (15,90€ if the ticket is bought online). The journey time is 1h 15min.

How long does it take to get from Beauvais airport to Paris?

Paris-Beauvais Airport by train There are frequent trains every 1-2 hours between Beauvais and Paris Gare du Nord. Typical journey time is about 80 minutes. It’s a 15-minute ride from the train station to the airport by taxi. The cost should be around €13-€16.

How much is a taxi from Beauvais airport to Paris?

about €170
Taxi from Beauvais airport to Paris city centre: Due to the distance between Beauvais airport and Paris, the taxi service is very expensive. The price is of about €170 during the day and €210 during holidays or at night. The journey takes about an hour and a half, depending on traffic.

How do I get from Beauvais airport to Paris city Centre?

You can do this by taking the bus line 6 from Tille Airport (Beauvais), or a taxi. You will then take the TER 19 train to the city centre. The total journey time will be around 125 minutes, and the train ticket from Beauvais train station to the city centre will cost 14.50€.

How do you get from Beauvais to Paris?

The average train time from Beauvais to Paris is 1h 21m, although it takes just 1h 10m on the fastest SNCF services. There are around 28 trains per day running from Beauvais to Paris, the first train leaves Beauvais at 05:13 and the last train leaves at 20:10. All trains depart from Beauvais station.

Is Beauvais airport big?

With a perimeter of about 12 km, the airport covers 230 hectares. It has 12 airplane parking areas located on 55,000 m2. It has two runways: a 12-30 runway of 2,430 m x 45 m, and a 04-22 runway of 708 m x 18 m.

Which airport does Ryanair fly to in Paris?

But here’s something important to know: Ryanair’s Paris airport isn’t actually in Paris or its immediate surroundings: The airline’s flights arrive and depart at Beauvais-Tillé Airport, a.k.a. Paris Beauvais Airport or BVA, which is located 80 km or 53 miles from Paris.

How do I get from Paris to Beauvais airport by train?

Paris to Beauvais Airport train As there’s no direct train from Paris city centre to Beauvais Airport, you can get there by taking the regional train TER to nearby Beauvais train station and then one of the buses that go to the airport. The journey from Paris Gare du Nord to Beauvais lasts approximately 1h 10m.

Where does the bus from Beauvais stop in Paris?

porte Maillot
Paris – Beauvais shuttle Shuttles are non-stop between the Paris-Beauvais airport and the Pershing car park located at porte Maillot in Paris, very close to RER (line C) and metro (line 1) stations.

Is Beauvais airport safe?

Paris Beauvais airport has been ranked one of the worst ten airports in the world along with Juba International in war-torn Sudan. These airports “have the capacity to truly offend travellers,” say those behind the ranking.

When does the shuttle leave from Paris Porte Maillot to Paris Beauvais airport?

Please remind the shuttle leaves consequently: From Paris Porte Maillot, 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure, From Paris-Beauvais Airport, 20 to 25 minutes after landing. Make your life easy and ride, do not drive: Paris-Beauvais Airport offers regular shuttles linking downtown Paris (Porte Maillot) and the airport.

How to get to Paris Beauvais airport?

Paris Beauvais airport is located 85 kms in the north east of central Paris. Travellers have quite a few transport options to get to or from the airport which are private transfer services ( taxi, chauffeured car, shuttle ), shared transportation ( bus & coach) or public transports ( train ).

What is the shuttle from Paris-Beauvais airport to Pershing car park?

Shuttles are non-stop between the Paris-Beauvais airport and the Pershing car park located at porte Maillot in Paris, very close to RER (line C) and metro (line 1) stations. Buy your tickets on site or save money by booking your shuttle tickets online.

Where is Paris Beauvais-Tillé?

Paris Beauvais-Tillé lies about 50 miles north of the city centre. It’s a great option both for visitors to the main city and other parts of northern France. If you’re ever in need of advice or tips when it comes to your trip to France, your Shuttle Direct driver is an excellent resource.