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How do I get more guests in park RCT3?

How do I get more guests in park RCT3?

Build new attractions in your park to bring in more visitors. Thrill rides and roller coasters attract the most guests, however your park also needs bathrooms, places to eat, gentle rides and attractive scenery to leave a good impression on guests.

How do you get more guests in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2?

Make the park entry really cheap (or even free, for a while), and then more customers will visit the park. Also, make the food and drinks really cheap. I find that putting stalls next to popular rides helps increase profit.

How do you get more guests on Roller Coaster Tycoon 1?

To get more guests to come to your park, go to the marketing (advertising) page of the finances. Do all of the advertising and keep it running all the time. You should see alot more guests.

How do you get more visitors on planet coaster?

One park design strategy is to build 2 smaller parks on opposite ends of your park. This forces guests to walk (or take the train) to the other end, giving you tons of space to add all the rides you want in between. They’re already walking so why not give them a coaster to sit down on somewhere.

How do you cheat on RollerCoaster Tycoon?

RollerCoaster Tycoon Cheats For Xbox Go to a guest and change his or her name to the following names to give that guest a personality. If you wish to achieve a desired effect with multiple guests, simple enter the same name but change the names case. Increase Guest Happiness: Melanie Warn.

What is the max guests in theme park Tycoon 2?

If you have anymore than 180 guests, there may be some guests trapped somewhere, or a series of complicated paths that cause guests to take longer to exit the park.

How do you get 5 stars in theme park Tycoon 2 Fast?

Park Rating Guide

  1. 2 stars: Place at least five seats in your park. Can be any kind, and add at least 1 toilet.
  2. 3 stars: Build Roller Coasters in your park. Buy most non-custom track rides.
  3. 4 stars: Place trash cans and lights. There should be no trash in your park.
  4. 5 stars: Place lots of stalls, scenery, and benches.

How do I improve my queue on planet coaster?

I like to make sure the queue does a switch-back or two off to, say, the left side, then have it meander back towards the area of where it started, and off a little to the right, then connect to the normal path. That way, there’s a more-or-less straight shot from the beginning of the queue to the end.

How do cheat guests work in RCT?

In the RCT series, naming guests certain names will give them unique characteristics that gives them special abilities or unique comedic quirks. Guests can have multiples of the same name, from changing lower cased to uppercased, and vice versa, meaning you can have several cheat guests.

What are the benefits of rct2?

Explosions from coaster crashes are bigger. Friction on all roller coasters is reduced. This can help coasters from RCT1 or RCT2 run correctly. Guests dance around. Guests jump and cheer.

What is the difference between RCT3 and rtc3?

Vendors are only present in RCT3. In RCT3, guests were referred to as “peeps” and can travel in groups, typically families. In RTC3 is it not necessary, to pay the staff the highest wages, because the algorithm/artificial intelligence between middle wage and highest wage makes no difference, if the staff has the highest education.

What are the different tasks in rtc3?

In RTC3 you can assign 3 optional tasks: empty trash cans / sweep the floor / water plants In order to keep the park clean, there should be one cleaner per 15-20 path plates. Inspect Rides. Inspecting Rides prevents them from breaking down. Mechanics keep a parks’ rides operational.