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How do I get the WAND on my TV?

How do I get the WAND on my TV?

You can stream WAND (NBC affiliate) with Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV and YouTube TV.

Why is WAND off the air?

Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m. WAND will go off the air to transition. The re-tuning process will take several hours. Due to extraordinary technical difficulties we are having issues with our broadcast signal. This does not affect anyone who receives our channel from Comcast or AT U-Verse.

What does WAND TV stand for?

On February 15, 1966, the call letters changed to the present WAND (originally meaning “Area Near Decatur”).

Who owns WAND?

Block Communications
WAND is owned by Block Communications located in Toledo, Ohio. We are a 24/7 station covering news and weather, breaking news – over the air, online and mobile.

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A wand is the object through which a witch or wizard channels his or her magic. It is made from wood and has a magical substance at its core. Wands made by Ollivander have cores of phoenix feather, unicorn hair or dragon heartstring, and are of varying woods, lengths and flexibilities.

What channel is ABC in Decatur IL?


Station Network Channel
WICD + 3 subchannels ABC CHAMPAIGN 15
WAND + 2 subchannels NBC DECATUR 17
WBUI + 2 subchannels CW DECATUR 23

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Severus Snape Moreover, Snape can easily resist Voldemort’s Legilimens attempts, as he has done it so many times to hide his allegiance with Dumbledore. Voldemort and Nagini did kill him, but it wasn’t really much of a fight.

Who killed Antioch Peverell?

Envious of the wand’s power the wizard waited until Peverell, drunk with wine, went to sleep. Slipping into his room, the wizard stole the wand and slit Peverell’s throat to make sure he wasn’t followed. The wizard then slipped into the night with his new powerful wand.

What channel is Fox in Decatur IL?


Springfield/Decatur, Illinois United States
Channels Digital: 16 (UHF) Virtual: 55
Branding Fox Illinois (general) Fox Illinois News at Nine (newscasts) MeTV Illinois (on DT2)
Affiliations 55.1: Fox 55.2: MeTV 55.3: Antenna TV

What Channel Is CBS in Decatur IL?


Station Network Channel
WBUI + 2 subchannels CW DECATUR 23
WEEK + 2 subchannels NBC PEORIA 25
WCCU + 2 subchannels FOX URBANA 27
WMBD + 3 subchannels CBS PEORIA 31