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How do I install depot GZ file on HP-UX?

How do I install depot GZ file on HP-UX?

Install a DEPOT on HP-UX using swinstall

  1. Select the target location.
  2. Select the source.
  3. Select the depot file to install as shown in the figure.
  4. Mark the software for installation.
  5. Press ‘m’ to mark the software for installation.
  6. Install the software.
  7. Analysis – It will perform the analysis process.

How do I install software on HP-UX?

Installing HP-UX Applications from the DVD

  1. Insert the Application Software DVD in the DVD drive.
  2. Mount the Application Software DVD.
  3. To determine which products and versions are on your system, use the swlist command:
  4. To install software from the Application Software DVD, use the swinstall command:

What is swinstall?

The swinstall command supports kernel building scripts and rebooting. Before or after software that modifies the kernel is installed or updated, swinstall executes system-specific scripts to prepare for or build the new version of the kernel.

How do I remove a package from HP UX?

Re: how to uninstall software in HP-UX system(Itanium) select the software -> hit ‘m’ key to mark it -> Go to ACTIONS menu -> Select REMOVE. Thats all.

What is the latest HP UX version?

11i v3

Developer Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Source model Closed source
Initial release 1982
Latest release 11i v3 May 2022 Release Edition 1 / May 2022
Marketing target Server

What is the latest version of HP UX?

How to install software/depot on HP-UX using swinstall command?

swinstall command installs packages from a software source (a depot or physical media) to your localhost. swinstall command invokes GUI, follow the steps given below to install a software/depot on your HP-UX machine. Log in as root or superuser on your HP-UX machine.

What is HP-UX 11i swinstall (1m)?

At the cost of a Hewlett-Packard Company – 12 – HP-UX 11i Version 2.0 swinstall (1M) swinstall (1M) Hewlett-Packard Company temporary increase in disk space and slower performance, this allows for automatic recovery of the original filesets in that product if the load fails. When set to true, this option also affects scripts.

How do I get the newest version of swinstall?

When updating the operating system, you must use first use the swgettools command to get the newest version of swinstall . (See swgettools (1M) for more information.)

What happens to the original files when swinstall updates?

When updating files, swinstall removes the original files as they are updated. If an error occurs while swinstall is loading new filesets, the product being loaded is marked as corrupt, the original files are lost, and you must repeat the installation.