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How do I legally homeschool in Illinois?

How do I legally homeschool in Illinois?

Illinois has no specific statutes regarding homeschooling, so your homeschool will qualify as a private school. While there are no requirements for notifying your school district, if your child has already attended public school, it’s a good idea to notify the school that you have chosen to homeschool.

Do you have to show proof of homeschooling in Illinois?

In a 1974 decision, a federal district court stated that under Illinois law the burden of proof rests with parents to establish that the plan of home instruction which they are providing to their children meets state requirements.

How can I track my homeschool records?

  1. Keep Track of Homeschool Attendance with Google Sheets. Many states require parents to keep homeschool attendance records.
  2. Keep Track of Homeschool Academics with Trello.
  3. Issue Homeschool Transcripts and Report Cards with Google Sheets.

Do I need to name my homeschool in Illinois?

No. In Illinois, registration of home-schooled students is not required. Parents may choose to notify their regional superintendent of education and/or the State Board of their intention to home- school.

Can you get a diploma from homeschooling?

Do you get a diploma for homeschooling? Yes, homeschoolers get a diploma just like other high school graduates upon completion of their high school studies. Parents are responsible for maintaining education records and creating or following graduation requirements in order to issue a home school diploma.

How do homeschoolers keep up grades?

A simple way to calculate grades is to take all the assignments and tests, add them together and take the average score. You can modify that by counting some assignments or tests more important, by adding them in 2 or 3 times–then taking the average score of it all.

How do homeschoolers keep attendance records?

Most homeschoolers keep attendance records by marking the days that they choose to homeschool on a calendar. You can also record the number of hours of school completed each day. It is important to check with your state to see what kind of attendance records are required.