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How do I mount NFS on ESXi host?

How do I mount NFS on ESXi host?

Step 1: Log into vSphere Web Client, select the ESXi host on which you want to add the datastore. Then go to “Related Objects” > “Datastores” and select “Create a new datastore” icon. Step 2: Select “NFS”, and then click “Next”. Step 3: Datastore name: Give a name for this NFS share.

How do I reconnect my NFS datastore?

The only ways I can find to get the datastores to become active again are 1) restart the ESXi host, 2) unmount and remount the datastore in ESXi or vCenter, and 3) wait and it will apparently reactivate at some point on its own.

How do I unmount NFS datastore from ESXi host?

Mounting NFS datastore on ESXi server is very easy, similar way you might need to remove/unmount NFS share from ESXi server for maintenance or migration purpose. To unmount it, open VMWare vSphere Web Client and select Storage tab, from the list select NFS datastore, right click on it and select Unmount datastore.

How do I create a new NFS datastore?

How to add NFS Datastore?

  1. Login to vSphere Web Client.
  2. Choose the Host on which you want to add NFS Datastore.
  3. New Datastore wizard will open here.
  4. Here we have to choose the NFS Version.
  5. Here you have to provide various details.
  6. Review all the configuration which you have done.

How do I delete NFS datastore?

To remove a datastore:

  1. To list the mounted datastores on the host: esxcli storage nfs list.
  2. Make a note of the NFS datastore from step 1. Run this command to delete the NFS mount: esxcli storage nfs remove -v NFS_Datastore_Name.

How do I uninstall NFS datastore?

How do I remove inaccessible NFS datastore?

To resolve this issue, manually remove the NFS mount/datastore through the command line after restarting the SIOC specific service. Note: Before attempting to remove the datastore, ensure that there are no virtual machines running or registered against the datastore.