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How do I reset my McAfee Web Gateway?

How do I reset my McAfee Web Gateway?

Use one of the following options to restart the Web Gateway core process:

  1. Log on to the command line using SSH and execute the following command: service mwg-core restart. NOTE: The MWG Appliance is unavailable while the mwg-core service is restarted.
  2. Reboot the Appliance using the user interface.

What is McAfee Web Gateway?

McAfee Web Gateway is a high-performance, enterprise- grade proxy offered in a scalable family of appliance models with integrated high availability, virtualization options, and hybrid deployment with McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service.

What is the latest version of McAfee Web Gateway?

6 release information and issue TSWS-6000. Added WG 10.2. 5 release information. Added WG 10.2….Summary.

WG Version General Availability (GA) Release Notes
10.2.1 August 10, 2021 Release Notes
10.2.0 June 17, 2021
10.1.2 May 11, 2021 Release Notes
10.1.1 (Controlled Release) April 15, 2021

How do I bypass McAfee gateway?


  1. Log on to the Control Console.
  2. Click Web Protection.
  3. Click Policies.
  4. Click the McAfee Client Proxy Policies link.
  5. Click the Bypass List tab.
  6. Click New.
  7. Under Type, select Executable Name.
  8. Under Value, type the file name. This name must be a Microsoft Windows Executable File Name.

How do I stop McAfee from blocking my Internet?

  1. Open your McAfee software.
  2. On the left menu, click the My Protection. tab.
  3. Click Firewall option under Protect your PC.
  4. Click Net Guard.
  5. Deselect the Turn on Net Guard option.

How do I stop McAfee blocking a program?

Under Protect your PC, click Firewall option. Click Internet Connections for Programs….Follow the steps below after you open the Internet Connections for Programs draw:

  1. Look for the app that is being blocked in the list.
  2. If the app is in the list: Select the app, and click Edit.
  3. If the app isn’t in the list: Click Add.

How do I find my McAfee Web gateway license?

To download a license file, log in to the Content & Cloud Security Portal and click the Licenses tab to see all your available licenses. If you do not have a login, call or email McAfee Customer Service and they can create one for you.

Why is McAfee blocking my website?

When you try to browse to a website that you believe is trustworthy, the McAfee Firewall function called Net Guard blocks you from accessing the site. This function uses a repository of known good and known bad domain names and IP addresses.

Why is McAfee blocking my internet access?

McAfee is actively investigating the possible causes for the blocking of your internet connection, including: The possibility of other security products being installed to your PC, which are conflicting with your McAfee software.

Why is McAfee blocking my Internet access?