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How do I setup my Bosch IP camera?

How do I setup my Bosch IP camera?

Generally speaking, any Bosch IP Camera can be manually configured to work in your system. Connect the Ethernet cable from the Camera to a port on your LAN, apply power, and click Next. The camera should be detected within the next 5 minutes. Click on the “Ok” button when you see an image from the camera.

How do I update the firmware on my Bosch camera?

Selecting and Uploading Firmware Files To upload the firmware file, use the following procedure: 1. Click the Search button next to the Firmware Upload field; then browse to the directory that contains the firmware file. 2. Select the appropriate firmware update file and click Open.

What is Bosch video client?

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH. Page 5. Introduction. Video Client is a computer application for live viewing, control, search and playback facilities for any camera connected to the network.

What is the maximum amount of channels supported by the Bvms base licenses?

BVMS Professional is the suitable solution for larger applications like airports or commercial enterprises with a maximum number of 2,000 camera channels.

Can Bosch expansion licenses be used across different base licenses?

You can activate only expansion products from the same product edition on the fingerprint. For example, if a base package of the BVMS Plus edition is activated on the fingerprint, you can activate only expansions of the product edition Plus on this fingerprint.

What is network video client?

Video Client is a Windows PC application for live viewing and playback of network-connected cameras. The software package consists of a live viewing and playback application, and a configuration manager. The Configuration Manager software allows the settings for supported devices to be configured.

Can I connect IP camera directly to router?

Use the network cable to connect to the camera and the router. PoE (Power over Ethernet) means you can just use a single network cable for both video and power transmission. So just connect the camera to the router via the network cable, and the camera will get power supply and network access.

How many channels licenses are included in every Bvms base license?

MBV-BENT-100 License Enterprise base Base license for Enterprise System. 8 camera/decoder expansions, 5 workstation expansions, 8 failover recording channels, 8 dual-recording channels, 5 keyboard expansion, 1 intrusion panel, 1 live and playback site, 2 subsystems, and ATM/ POS, allegiant and OPC functionality.