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How do I use iPECS on my phone?

How do I use iPECS on my phone?

Do one of the following: Pick up the handset Press the Speaker button Press the main button on your headset, or press the Headset button Dial the number: For an external number: Dial 9+10… Do one of the following: Pick up the handset. Press the Speaker button.

What is iPECS cloud?

iPECS Cloud is a feature-filled phone system, giving your day-to-day business communications more flexibility and fluidity. The iPECS phone system can convert a mobile or desktop device into a fully functioning phone system – with no change to your businesses current contact numbers.

How do I transfer a call in iPECS?

To transfer a call to a colleague, press the Transfer button and dial the recipient’s extension or external number. We can simply press the Transfer button followed by the OK button, followed by the Flex key for your colleague’s extension.

What is a speed dial bin number?

System Speed dial numbers are numbers that are shared by the entire system. There are 3000 system speed dial bins and they are located in bins 2000-4999. These numbers are programmed just like Station Speed Numbers, except that they must be programmed at the attendant station. This is usually station 100.

How do I block a number on Ipecs?

How to block a number on iPECS Cloud.

  1. – Once in ‘User Setup’, Select the user that you wish to block calls on. – Click ‘Modify’ as highlighted above.
  2. – Once you have clicked ‘Add’, it will bring up the following.
  3. – Enter the number you wish to block in the first box under ‘Incoming CID’.

How do I page on Ipecs?

To Page (All Call) Dial # 0 0 (internal and external) or • Dial # 3 (internal only) or • Dial # 5 (external only) • Lift handset and wait for tone before speaking.

How do I set up speed dial on iPECS?

Create a station speed dial

  1. Press the Speed button or enter 506 (feature code to create a station speed dial).
  2. Press the ADD softkey.
  3. Press the OK softkey.
  4. Enter the phone number to associate with the speed dial (MAX 32 digits).
  5. Press the OK softkey.
  6. Enter a name for the speed dial :

How do I change the date on my iPECS phone?

LG IPECS Setting Time and Date

  1. Press [TRANS/PGM] button.
  2. Dial [0] [4] Display reads: date and time.
  3. Press [1] Display reads: change system date and time.
  4. Date = enter mmddyy (mm = month, dd = day, yy = year)
  5. Press [HOLD/SAVE] button.
  6. Enter time = hhmm (hh = hour in military time, mm = minutes)
  7. Press [HOLD/SAVE]

What is a speed bin number?

How do I block a number on iPECS?

How do I add speed dial to my iPECS phone?