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How do you access the debug room in ff7?

How do you access the debug room in ff7?

The easiest ways to get into the Debug Room are via hacks or save editing. With a save editor, the player can start in the “startmap” area to get to the Debug Room.

How do you get the red submarine in ff7?

Dolphin and wash ashore in Under Junon. The player loses the submarine they had, but they can get another one by going to Junon and taking the entryway previously guarded by a dog to the Junon Submarine Dock. This is the only way for the player to get a red submarine; otherwise their submarine will be gray.

Is Cloud infused with Mako?

Cloud Strife, Zack Fair, and Sephiroth are examples of people with mako enhancement. Members of SOLDIER are not only infused with mako; they are also injected with Jenova cells, an experiment as part of the Jenova Project created by Professor Gast, a Shinra scientist.

How do you beat the Ultima Weapon in ff7?

For near-complete protection, equip the Tetra Elemental to absorb Lightning and Earth and the [non-elemental Materia]-[Elemental] defensive combination to absorb the effects of the Ultima Beam. As it did during your previous encounter, Ultimate Weapon will fly off after only a few rounds.

How do you warp yuffie?

The glitch is activated by getting a game over in any non-world map battle or in the Diamond Weapon boss battle, then reloading a save file on the world map and attempting to recruit Yuffie, without entering a field map in between the game over and the Mystery Ninja encounter.

What is debug mode Nier automata?

The Debug room is an enclosed room where you can fight any enemy and practice combos. Chapter Select allows you to begin the game from any point of the story, with all of your progress for side quests and item carried over.

How do you get the Huge Materia on the submarine?

The Junon Underwater Reactor can be seen underwater, but cannot be accessed via submarine. If the enemy submarine was shot down in the minigame, visiting the sunken submarine southwest of Junon at the Bottom of the Sea will grant the player one of the four Huge Materia items.

How do you do the submarine mission in ff7?

Area: Underwater World You need to take out the red submarine. Take out the red submarine using torpedoes. You will not get the Huge Materia if you fail, so make sure to save before starting. After destroying the red submarine, you will automatically resurface at the deck area near to Junon.

What mental illness does Cloud Strife have?

He doesn’t have any of the negative symptoms or disorganisation. However, he could be in a Dissociative State, forged for his own protection. It is a historically documented condition which has been most commonly seen in victims of severe trauma and war violence.

What is Cloud’s strongest weapon?

Ultima Weapon is Cloud’s ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy VII. It is obtained by defeating the optional boss Ultimate Weapon. The weapon has very high stats, eight linked Materia slots, and a mechanic that causes it to deal more damage based on Cloud’s current HP.

How much HP does Ultimate Weapon have in ff7?

It has approximately 100,000 HP however it does not heal up after each fight, including the fight at Mideel. Focus on using your hardest hitting spells, abilities and summons in order to do as much damage to it as you can before it flies away.