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How do you attach Christmas lights to a house like a pro?

How do you attach Christmas lights to a house like a pro?

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights Like a Pro

  1. Safety First. Be sure your gutters have been cleaned properly before starting.
  2. Light Clips. For a super easy method to hang your outdoor Christmas lights, try light hanging clips.
  3. Measure.
  4. Find Outlets.
  5. Calculate Power.
  6. Enjoy the Show!

How do professionals hang lights?

The best, most professional looking option is to use a special reel used for holding holiday lights. The other option is to cut notches into a large piece of cardboard and carefully wrap the strings around the cardboard.

Are professional Christmas lights worth it?

The benefits of professional quality Christmas lights make them more than worth the fact that they are more expensive than what you will find in a retail store. First, pro-grade Christmas lights utilize a one-piece design. This means that the LED diode and lens are in a single sealed socket.

How do you determine the correct length of Christmas lights?

The best way to shorten lights wired in series is to remove an entire series section of lights by cutting lights apart where there are only has two wires, with the lights unplugged. Then, simply cap each of the two cut wires with a wire connector.

How do you hide extra string lights?

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much that can be done at the end of a run if there are a few leftover inches/feet of Christmas light strings. Wind them up, secure the coil with electrical tape and tuck the rest of the light string out of the way. Wire ties can be handy at times like this.

How much does Christmas lights increase electric bill?

Using the formula above with the national average of $0.14 per kilowatt-hour and a display season of six hours a day for 30 days, using a strand of mini LED lights will cost you about 52 cents. A strand with the same amount of bulbs, but as incandescents, will cost about $1.81.