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How do you calculate drip rate for paramedics?

How do you calculate drip rate for paramedics?

To calculate the drops per minute, the drop factor is needed. The formula for calculating the IV flow rate (drip rate) is total volume (in mL) divided by time (in min), multiplied by the drop factor (in gtts/mL), which equals the IV flow rate in gtts/min.

How do you calculate drug doses and infusion rates accurately?

To calculate the millilitres/hour we first need to work out what dose is contained in one millilitre of the infusion dosage. We can do this by dividing the volume of the dosage by the weight of the medicine it contains. In this case 500ml/500mg = 1ml/mg.

Do paramedics use math?

A paramedic must be able to identify mathematical principles in a medical situation and apply them. The math that is involved includes such issues as weights, temperatures and measures that are used in health care.

What math do paramedics need?

Program requirements Math 20-1 or Math 20-2 or Pure Math 20 or Applied Math 20. English Language Arts 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2.

Are paramedic drug calculations difficult?

It can be especially challenging for those paramedics that are mathematically challenged. Regardless of mathematical skills, an ability to perform paramedic drug calculations accurately is essential to emergency patient care and is one aspect of field work a paramedic should not take lightly.

What are the different types of drip sets paramedics use?

In addition to these four aspects of emergency patient care that will require drug calculations to be preformed, there are four commonly found drip sets paramedics will come across. They are divided into two categories that include Mini-drip and Regular Drip.

Should paramedics use pre-filled syringes?

OldWeb provides some excellent advice for prospective paramedics as well as those already working in the field. The site also stresses that if you don’t use the skills, you will lose them, and recommends practicing even though many drugs are coming in pre-filled syringes.

How many milligrams of morphine do you give a paramedic?

The problem: A paramedic is ordered to administer 4mg of morphine IVP. On hand is 10mg of morphine in 2cc’s. Desired Dose 4mg 4mg 4 ÷ 5 = 0.8