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How do you cite the Army white paper in the profession of arms?

How do you cite the Army white paper in the profession of arms?

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What does it mean to be a professional in the profession of arms?

➢ THE PROFESSION OF ARMS. The Army is an American Profession of Arms, a vocation comprised of experts certified in the ethical application of land combat power, serving under civilian authority, entrusted to defend the Constitution and the rights and interests of the American people.

What is the most basic task of the profession of arms?

The most basic task of the profession of arms is the armed defense of the society, its territory, population, and vital interests. In its most elemental sense, the profession of arms is all about fighting and all about war.

What are the 5 essential characteristics of the Army profession?

The Army Profession serves as the framework for the Army culture and its inherent relationship with the Army Ethic. It identifies the essential characteristics that define the Army as a profession: Trust, Honorable Service, Military Expertise, Stewardship, and Esprit de Corps.

Which of the following are the three recognized characteristics of all professions?

As noted earlier, he proposed three key characteristics of the profession: expertise, responsibility, and corporateness.

What is a warrior ethos?

Warrior ethos is the embodiment of the warrior spirit: tough mindedness, tireless motivation, an. unceasing vigilance, a willingness to sacrifice one’s life for the country, if necessary, and a commitment. to be the world’s premier air, space and cyberspace force1.

Is the profession of arms a true profession?

According to our curriculum, to be part of the military profession of arms is to be a skilled practitioner of, or professional in the art of warfare. The profession of arms is a unique profession, whose customer base spans the sum of our great nation.

What are the three key elements of the military profession or those reasons for which the profession of arms was developed over time?

Huntington identified three core aspects of a profession in general and of the profession of arms specifically: expertise, responsibility, and corporateness.

Why are ethics essential for the profession of arms?

A doctrinal ethic is critical for the Profession of Arms as it would legislate the moral basis for why our Army exists. The ethical foundation would define the imperatives of being an honorable leader, follower and agent of trust with the society.

Is the military a profession?

As volunteers, our sworn duty is to the Constitution. Our status as a profession is granted by those whom we are accountable to, our civilian authority, and the American people. All service men and women belong to the profession from the junior enlisted to our most senior leaders.