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How do you find LC subject headings?

How do you find LC subject headings?

It is found on the back of the title page. Within that little area is the author, title, publication data (place, publisher and date), as well as a list of Library of Congress Subject Headings. You will also find, at the bottom of the section, the call numbers.

What are some examples of subject headings?

Examples of subject heading strings include things like Alcoholic beverages— Taxation—Law and legislation and United States—History—Civil War, 1861-1865—Regimental histories.

What is the manner of arrangement of subject headings in LCSH list?

Four categories of subdivisions are generally recognized: topical, form, chronological, and geographic. Each category is described separately below, and examples may be found in LCSH. Instructions for assigning them appear in various sections of the Manual.

How often are new subject headings added to LCSH?

The creation and revision of subject headings is a continuous process. Approximately 5,000 new headings, including headings with subdivisions, are added to LCSH each year.

What are pattern headings in LCSH?

Such headings are called pattern headings for the respective categories. Because many subdivisions now authorized as free- floating by a pattern heading were printed in LCSH before 1974, they still appear in numerous instances under individual headings belonging to a category.

Why do subject headings follow a dictionary plan instead of a list?

Although the original intent was that subject headings would follow a dictionary plan instead of an alphabetic-classed plan, the list reflects a reluctance to disperse related entries.

What is in the instruction sheet for Subject Headings?

BACKGROUND: This instruction sheet contains general practices followed by the Library of Congress for assigning subject headings to individual works being cataloged and for constructing subject heading strings in the Library of Congress subject heading system.