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How do you get emojis on Google Hangouts?

How do you get emojis on Google Hangouts?

In using Google Hangouts you can simply click the grey smiling face at the left of the chat box. Then you will be able to see and pick which emoji you want to use.

What is the shortcut key for emojis?

Open the standard emoji keyboard The keyboard shortcut for non-touchscreen Windows computers is Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period) to access your emojis.

What tricks can you do on Google Hangouts?

7 Google Hangouts tricks you should know

  • Use way more emoji!
  • Make a simple Hangouts chat more fun.
  • Make your chat window alive.
  • Tanslate your message.
  • Add some emphasis with bold, italicize, or strike-through formatting in Google Hangouts.
  • Unlisted emojis.
  • Move all your contacts to the right side.

How do you use emojis in chat?

To add an emoji, you can use the emoji picker located to the right of the message field. Alternatively, you can type : into the message field, you will see a list of emoji suggestions. This list will update as you type more characters, for example :s. You can find a full list of supported emojis on this cheat sheet.

What is the clapping emoji?

The 👏 emoji symbolizes applause. Above all else, this emoji is a physical depiction of giving someone a round of applause. You may see a series of clapping hands used to congratulate or express appreciation. “The show was PHENOMENAL 👏👏👏”

How do you do cool stuff on Hangouts?

There are definitely some cool things you didn’t know about.

  1. 1) Draw a Doodle. I’m super old, so I don’t use the Snapchat.
  2. 2) Say it With an Emoji.
  3. 3) Pretty as a Picture (or Gif)
  4. 4) Video Chat.
  5. 5) Call a Phone From Your Computer.
  6. 6) Group Hangouts.
  7. 7) Unlock Hidden Animations.
  8. 8) Know Your Options.

How do you make a corgi on Hangouts?

Type /corgis to see an animated corgi stroll across the bottom of the screen. The person you’re chatting with will see your little canine friend as well, so this one is a nice way to send a little surprise.